13 Easy Ways to Transform Your House Into a Place You Love Without Repairing It

3 years ago

Our nerves are the most expensive material when it comes to home repairs. To help you save them, we’ve found a couple of interesting tricks that can really help you.

If you can’t stand trying to do all those repairs but still want to renovate your bedroom or bathroom, we have some suggestions that’ll help you save your time, nerves, and money.

Bright Side has collected 13 repair ideas that will refresh your home and won’t cost you a fortune.

Old furniture restoration

Your old closet can bring you joy if you give it a chance. This blog will help you figure out how to renovate it. By the way, these frames can also be used to decorate interior doors.

Low budget makeover

This blog proves that painting the walls, the cabinets, and updating few details would be enough to make a room look completely different. We recommend you to visit this inspiring blog if you’re not afraid of a little paint.

A cabinet for a trash can

If you want to throw away your old cabinet, we recommend you to have a look at Nicole’s ideas to save some space.

CDs to decorate the walls

We bet you also have a pile of CDs that you don’t use anymore but still can’t throw away. We recommend that you click here to figure out how to decorate your walls with these CDs.

Stones to decorate the floor

This idea is for those who are fed up with tiles in the shower. This blog will tell you how to create this great floor in your bathroom.

New closet

What if you could turn your old closet into a cozy space? This blog has some great ideas for this task. Check it out!

Wall painting

Can’t find perfect wallpaper? Stop searching, have a look at these ideas, and paint the walls!

Tile painting

Yes, you can paint tile and Kelly, the author of this blog, shows that it can be really awesome too.

Furniture made of wood crates

If ordinary coffee tables are too boring for you, click here to find step-by-step instructions on how to create an awesome crate table.

A closet made from a ladder

Would you ever imagine that you could turn a ladder into a closet? Pro tip: It looks great if you paint it in bright colors!

A bar out of a dresser

One more way to give your furniture a second chance. Here you’ll learn how to change your old cabinet’s look and purpose.

Handmade shelves

Check this website to learn how to create unusual shelves that will make your room look prettier. Try it, it’s easy!

Unusual bookshelves

This bookshelf can refresh a whole room. Of course you’ll need some time to construct it but believe us — it’s worth it. Have a look at the process here.

Bonus: A space-saving drying rack

Here are 2 unusual drying racks that don’t take up much space and look just great. You’ll have to spend some time constructing a rack but it’s definitely worth it.

Do you like to upgrade old pieces of furniture? Tell us about your own tricks in the comments!

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Beautiful ideas here. I love giving my furniture a new look. Will do some of these. Wouldn't you?


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