13 Lucky People Who Met a Celebrity and Got Much More Than Just an Autograph

10 months ago

Besides walking the red carpet and attending special events, celebrities usually do the same activities as the rest of us, like shopping or taking a plane. And it is precisely in one of these outings that you can have the opportunity to run into them and have a pleasant memory of the experience.

  • We were in a restaurant. Before giving us a table, we were ushered to the bar. A very tall gentleman with a ponytail, a hat, and an impeccable linen suit came in. We saw him, and he saw us, but we didn’t approach him. While we were deciding whether to say hello, he finished his espresso, folded his newspaper and put it under his arm, adjusted his hat, politely bowed his head, and smiled at us. Liam Neeson had just greeted us, and we missed the chance to get a photo or autograph. © Georgina Gina Gonzalez / Facebook
  • Once, I was on a bus going to Bogotá, and Shakira got off another bus. She was still very young and beautiful, and she was just starting her first steps in television. I greeted her, she replied in a very kindly way, and I wished her success in her soap opera. Now she travels by private plane. © Sombra del Inframundo / Facebook
  • I was in Argentina, and I met Sean Connery face-to-face. I doubted myself. There were no networks at that time, so I thought, “That can’t be Sean Connery!” He was filming Highlander II. Unbelievable but true. © Alejandro Justo / Facebook
  • I was waiting for a person in New York when someone arrived in a black car, got out, greeted us, and entered the building. When I went to get a closer look, he was already entering the elevator. A gentleman said to me, “Did you recognize him?” I replied he looked familiar. He said, “It’s Wesley Snipes.” © Diblain Tejera / Facebook
  • About 20 years ago, there was a nice man who smiled at me and smiled at me at the Guadalajara airport. I wondered, “What’s the deal with this guy?” I swear, he started to follow me and smiled very flirtatiously. I thought, “Do I know him? Who is he?” Later, at my house, I realized it was Alec Baldwin. © Méndez Laura / Facebook
  • I was walking with a friend in Madrid outside the Ritz Hotel when a car stopped in front of us and a man got out with a very beautiful woman. He saw us and smiled very kindly. My friend, who is Japanese, tried to tell me something, but I did not understand. The man and his partner went into the hotel, and the driver asked me, “Didn’t you recognize him? That was George Lucas!” © Claudia Flores / Facebook
  • Ages ago, when Facebook was still new, I made a comment on Vin Diesel’s photo, and he messaged me back; only I saw this message about a year later. But it was nice that he took the time to reply to me. © Victoria Aguilar / Facebook
  • I was working in a 5-star hotel as a floor housekeeper. I was told that I had to do Madonna’s room while she was out for a run. After a while, my supervisor informed me that Madonna was coming back, and we had to leave the room. In the 35-inch wide hallway, I stuck to the wall so that four huge security men and someone tiny in the middle could pass. I am sure that if she had gone out alone, no one would have recognized her. © Maria Perez / Facebook
  • A stranger asked my aunt for a place to leave his car, which had broken down. He had to get to the airport, so she took him along with those who accompanied him. My aunt was positive that she knew his face, but couldn’t quite figure out who he was. A few days later, someone came for the car and handed her a beautiful necklace and a thank you note signed by Plácido Domingo. © Jel sa / Facebook
  • I live in Cusco, Peru. As I was passing around the Plaza de Armas, I saw a young man getting out of a car. I felt like I knew him from somewhere, but he had a foreign look, so I thought I was mistaken and kept walking. A few seconds later, I heard some excited voices, and when I turned around, I saw that they were taking pictures with him. I went home, and when I explained what had happened, I was told that it was Avicci. He looked very humble and kind. © Katherine Lisset Sucso Yapo / Facebook

Have you ever had an unexpected encounter with a celebrity?

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