13 People Shared What They Think Is Considered Unacceptable for No Reason

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There is a popular saying, “Tastes differ.” And people tend to like totally different things. Sometimes these discrepancies get momentum and lead to hundreds of people arguing about whether you can cook pizza with pineapple or not. Here are a few stories from people who like what the rest of us usually don’t.

  • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with playing “Pretend” as an adult without kids involved. There is nothing wrong with an adult man building with Legos and setting up an epic adventure with them that plays out in his head as something amazing. It’s escapism and very calming, even in adults. It stimulates the mind to have a self-made adventure where everything is what I want. © Unknown Author / Reddit
  • I wash my underwear with other clothes, like jeans, socks. I sincerely can’t understand people who claim that underwear should be washed separately. I wash them all in hot water with the use of a detergent.
    Once, my mother-in-law saw me doing laundry. She groaned and said that I was doing it all wrong. I came into the bathroom 15 minutes later and found out that she had stopped the washer, took out my husband’s underwear, put mine back, and turned it on again.
  • My neighbor came to my house the other day, rang my doorbell, and I was trying to put my son down for a nap, so I didn’t go down. But then she messaged my wife and was like, “Hey, your garage is open, I can see someone is home. Why didn’t you answer?” So then my wife messages me asking why I didn’t answer.
    For whatever reason, I choose! I had a good one this time, but maybe I’m asleep. Maybe I’m taking a shower. Or in the backyard. It’s my house. You took your shot to see if I’d answer, and I didn’t. Move on. © Waddlow / Reddit
  • When I started dating my wife, she thought it was so strange that I refused offers for somebody to get me a drink at her place. I slowly taught her that it’s okay to not want something, or to have an opinion. We went to a mall, and I wanted sushi, she wanted steak. We agreed to disagree and went to separate restaurants and had great food that we both enjoyed. It wasn’t a fight or anything, we just both agreed it was a great idea to enjoy things by ourselves for a bit. © RS_Someone / Reddit
  • I love going on the swings, I’m 30, and it still fascinates me that I can quickly and easily get 10–15 feet (or higher) in the air with some simple leg movement.
    One day I was at a fairly deserted local park on the swings having the time of my life. Suddenly Karen shows up with her 2 children, hands on her hips and yells at me, “What are you doing on there? The swings are for the kids, not adults!” My tax dollars paid for these swings, and there’s no sign saying that I can’t, so I’ll use them as much as I please whenever I want. © chewblekka / Reddit
  • Walking a cat. Some old man once yelled at me and wanted to call the cops, because cats aren't dogs and you can't walk them. © Unknown Author / Reddit
  • It’s annoying when you go to someone’s place, wash your hands and ask what towel to use to dry them, and they say, “Use any towel you want, it doesn’t matter.” It does matter. I don’t want to wipe my hands with a towel that you probably wiped your body with. Why is it so hard to have a towel only for hands? © Overheard / Ideer
  • I’m staying at my friend’s house. I asked her for 2 towels before my shower. She gave me a weird look.
    I said, “One for my butt, one for my face.” Her response was, “Guys have only ever asked me for one towel. Most guys don’t use a towel at all.” © MrBishopJackson / Twitter
  • I don’t have a bed, I have a sofa bed. And I don’t find it necessary to put the bed linen away and fold the sofa back every day. I just cover it with a blanket like a regular bed. I also hate to put away blankets in the winter. I have them lying around on the chairs and sofas.
    One evening I was reading a book in the armchair and got myself covered with a blanket. The next morning, I heard my mum grumbling unhappily. At first, I didn’t realize what was wrong. Then it turned out that she was furious that I had left both the book and the blanket in the armchair. She even came into the kitchen where I was working and wouldn’t leave me alone until I put the blanket away from the chair that only I use.
  • I wish I could put a sign on me that said, “I don’t wish to speak to anyone now. Nothing personal. Just ignore my presence, please.” I try to do the next best thing when I’m walking my dog: I wear giant headphones and don’t make eye contact with anyone. That’s supposed to be the signal for “Please don’t talk to me, even if I know you, just ignore me please. I’m in my own little world, and I’m happy.”
    But people still stop me to talk to me. I want to scream at them, “Don’t you see the headphones? I want to be left alone!” But I’m a nice guy. I stop and talk to them. What society needs is an official “Please don’t talk to me” sign for people. © Matthew Bates / Quora
  • It’s socially unacceptable to eat as much food as you actually want at a party. I don’t know about other ages, but if you are an adult at least, people will look at you weird if you help yourself to the bowl of chips that is available. There are so many parties I’ve been to in university where literally no one eats the food that’s out because they feel ashamed to be the first person to touch it. Or they feel other people will find them “fat” if they eat more than 1 chip. It’s so stupid. © Adrienne Naomi / Quora
  • Visible bra straps. A bra is simply a garment, nothing different from the vests worn by men. Why does it even matter to you with the straps being inside or exposed? © Shubham Sawoo / Quora

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