13 Times People Turned Crazy Stuff Into One-of-a-Kind Hotels

4 years ago

Staying at a hotel not only ensures comfortable rest but it’s a whole adventure in itself! How can you not be impressed after waking up in an underwater resort, a place surrounded by сoral reef fish, or in a transparent capsule while you admire the northern lights from above? You can even stay in a suite in a port crane overlooking Amsterdam!

Bright Side has made a compilation of the most unusual hotel facilities for those who are tired of choosing from the standard bed and breakfast suites. There’s also a bonus feature at the end of the article you definitely don’t want to miss!

1. A bubble house made of transparent plastic

Finn Lough Resort in Finland offers accommodations in a fully transparent bubble dome! Here, you can admire the beauty of the forest in the daytime and at night, you can watch the starry sky.

2. A waterfall hotel — yes, it really does incorporate a waterfall!

Huilo Huilo Montaña Mágica Lodge, Chile is a magical green hotel with water that pours out from the top of it.

3. Hotel igloos made of ice

Iglu-Dorf in Switzerland is a group of igloo hotels made out of snow and ice bricks that overlook snowy mountains. Iglu-Dorf has a lot of visitors even though the rooms aren’t permanent — they’re only available in winter.

4. A resort that’s underwater

Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai is a big hotel complex that has underwater rooms and restaurants with floor-to-ceiling windows that look into a coral reef lagoon.

5. A hotel made of shipping containers

The Quadrum Hotel is located in the Caucasus mountain range in Georgia. It’s 7,217 feet high (2,200 meters) and is made entirely out of shipping containers!

6. Guesthouses made of wine casks

The historic Wine House Hotel in Portugal offers wine-barrel accommodations! The barrels are pretty big, so the rooms have all the necessary facilities inside.

7. A hotel made of an airplane

Costa Verde Resort, Costa Rica features a hotel suite set inside a real 1965 Boeing 727 airplane that overlooks the rainforest on one side and the ocean on the other.

8. A hotel made of a port crane

Hotel Faralda Crane, Amsterdam is located on the territory of a former port crane that’s 164 feet (50 meters) high, right in the city’s center. It even offers an outdoor swimming pool overlooking Amsterdam.

9. A hotel made of a giant potato

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel that recently went viral turned out to be a 6-ton, 20-foot-long (6-meter-long) spud made of steel, plaster, and concrete by the Idaho Potato Commission to promote the state’s crop. Nevertheless, according to its Airbnb page, it has all the necessary facilities and costs $200 per night.

10. A hotel made of Lego bricks

The hotel at The Legoland Windsor Resort, UK was built out of 2.1 million bricks and 657 exclusive Lego models. It seems like the ultimate treat for Lego fans!

11. Suites made of railway carriages

The Old Railway Station, UK is a hotel in fully restored Pullman railway carriages from the 19th century. It appears to be a nice place to feel the atmosphere of colonial times.

12. A hotel made of salt

Palacio de Sal, Bolivia is a hotel located at the edge of the world’s largest salt desert, Salar de Uyuni, and is built from salt blocks.

13. Hotel rooms made of tubes

Tubohotel, Mexico is a cozy open-air hotel with a set of rooms made from concrete pipes. It looks very unusual and seems to be quite comfortable.

Bonus: a cottage made of chocolate

This Chocolate Hotel in France is a 193-square foot (18 square-meter) cottage made entirely out of chocolate from floor to ceiling — even the tables, chairs, cutlery, and books are made of it! It took 1.5 tons of chocolate to build it all, and Booking.com was offering an exclusive stay there. Unfortunately, this hotel is no longer functioning.

What curious places have you stayed at? Let us know in the comments below!


I would visit a lat hotel. I heard that air enchanted with salt is goof and healthy for the organism. So why not to combine something relaxing and useful? :)
I'm not completely sure that hotel rooms made of tubes are cozy :D

But I would maybe wanted to try it, just for 1 might and for the experience

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