14 Budget-Friendly Beauty Products That Celebrities Swear By

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We admire celebrities for their beauty and glam, often thinking that we need super-expensive skincare products to achieve that kind of glow and youthfulness. But you’d be surprised with how many celebs use very basic and affordable products that, according to them, do wonders for their skin.

Bright Side got very curious about cheap products that stars use in their daily skincare routine, and we bring you the details of 8 celebrities’ skincare products that you can get today without breaking the bank.

1. Reese Witherspoon

A common item Reese uses the most is a simple, affordable facial cleanser. It’s soap and fragrance-free, non-foaming, and non-irritating. It’s designed to efficiently remove makeup and impurities without drying the skin. And to achieve that special, red carpet-worthy radiance, Reese applies a couple of drops of serum that anyone can afford.

Reese recommends:

2. Jennifer Garner


Believe it or not, the gorgeous 50-year-old Hollywood star’s entire daily skincare routine doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. Garner, who has been a Neutrogena ambassador for 15 years credits her youthful complexion to a very affordable skincare line. In addition, the lovely actress never skips sunscreen: ’’You have to make it a part of your routine. That is how you get to look like you are 30-something," she said.

Jennifer recommends:

3. Halle Berry

The beautiful actress Halle Berry can’t stop gushing about her go-to product for hyperpigmentation and stretch removal. She says that this super-affordable cream erases skin imperfections like a magic wand.

Halle recommends:

  • Bio-oil skin gel

4. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson can definitely thank her genes for her youthful appearance, but she also has her own ’’secret weapon’’ that she relies on. Hudson has been using an inexpensive all-purpose cream for years, and she doesn’t hide her excitement about it.

Kate recommends:

5. Nicole Kidman

Kidman’s stunning curls probably require a lot of effort to get tamed. If you’ve been wondering how she does it, check out this styling cream that the actress can’t stop praising.

Nicole recommends:

6. Jennifer Aniston

A skincare essential loved by Jennifer Aniston is an affordable facial mist that softens, soothes, and energizes the skin. The ingredients include the delicate damask rose that gives it its refreshing floral scent.

Jennifer recommends:

7. Cara Delevingne

Stars like Cara Delevingne have access to the most luxurious skincare, but surprisingly, this model and actress stick to very basic, cheap products: She praises them for their soothing qualities saying these are great for preventing dryness.

Cara recommends:

8. Beyoncé

When it comes to preventing wrinkles, the famous musician has one cheap little secret. What’s more, Beyoncé is not the only one among celebs who are blown away by this rich, rejuvenating cream. Stars like Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman totally agree with her.

Beyoncé recommends:

9. Liv Tyler

The Lord of the Rings star admits that she’s very much into her skincare and beauty routine and she loves trying out different products. For Liv, exfoliation is the key to a glowing and fresh-looking face. When it comes to hydration, she relies on an affordable French moisturizer that keeps her skin smooth and soft.

Liv recommends:

10. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth is not only a successful actress but also a businesswoman who has her own line of skincare products. However, it’s not only her company’s creams and serums that she trusts. In a Vogue skincare routine video, Paltrow revealed that she’s a fan of an inexpensive drugstore brand that she’s genuinely satisfied with.

Gwyneth recommends:

What budget-friendly skincare product do you never go anywhere without? Have you tried any of the ones suggested by the celebrities on this list?

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