14 Easy-to-Follow Hacks That Help Jennifer Lopez Look Stunning at 53

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Jennifer Lopez, at 53 years old, not only seems to never lose her allure but also manages to become even slimmer and more charming with each passing year. Moreover, J.Lo’s beauty secrets are simple and accessible, as she always willingly shares them with her fans.

She gets enough sleep.

The first of J.Lo’s beauty secrets is to make sure you get a full night’s sleep each night. According to the celebrity, it can give women radiant skin, as skin restoration occurs during sleep. Therefore, to maintain beauty and youthfulness for a long time, Lopez recommends getting enough sleep — at least 8 hours a day, and preferably 10. And also with blackout curtains on the windows.

She cleanses and moisturizes her skin.

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Jennifer Lopez always pays attention and time to the daily cleansing and moisturizing of her skin and advises others to do the same. At the same time, the star claims that she does not buy expensive cosmetics. “I always use a cleanser and a little cream. It’s very simple,” says Lopez, adding that her daily arsenal also includes a serum with glycolic acid.

She uses products with olive oil.

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Olive oil is one of J.Lo’s (and her entire family’s) favorite ingredients in cosmetic products, as well as the main component of the JLo Beauty collection. As the celebrity jokes, she doesn’t want to smell like a salad, so she uses creams and masks with an olive oil base. The singer recommends using products with olive oil to moisturize the skin and maintain the health of your hair.

She eats green foods.

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J.Lo is a fan of proper nutrition and an opponent of strict diets. Usually, she does not eat after 6:30 PM, although she eats freely, and often, during the day. Lopez’s diet includes white meat, fish, nuts, fruits, oatmeal, potatoes, protein drinks, and, of course, protein. By the way, the singer loves green products. “We eat a lot of green vegetables, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and kale,” says the performer.

She actively uses highlighters.

Joseph Martinez / PictureLux / Avalon / Photoshot / East News

Glowing cheekbones are J.Lo’s signature look. The effect of highlighted skin not only hides wrinkles but also gives the skin a shine and a rested look. Lopez is aware of this little “anti-aging” secret, so a highlighter is a must-have item in the star’s cosmetic bag that she never parts with.

She combs her eyelashes.

Gregorio T. Binuya / Everett Collection / East News

To make her eyelashes look impressive and her gaze appear mesmerizing, J.Lo’s makeup artist Scott Barnes applies one layer of primer before using mascara, lets it dry, and then combs the lashes. As a result, the mascara is applied evenly, the lashes become fluffy, and Lopez’s eyes always look expressive and irresistible on camera.

J.Lo is not afraid to wear dresses with deep necklines and high slits.

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Jennifer Lopez is a fan of deep necklines and super-high slits on dresses. And while some women are afraid of looking vulgar in similar dresses, the singer of the hit “Jenny from the Block” believes that a beautiful woman should have more freedom in her fashion choices. And J.Lo’s iconic outfits confirm that she is not wrong.

She chooses leopard prints.

Felipe Ramales, PacificCoastNews.com / EAST NEWS

Women often avoid clothing with a leopard print because of its reputation: some consider it vulgar and tacky. But the singer and actress is free from prejudice and often chooses clothing in this print, considering it elegant. According to Jennifer, the animal print looks best with black and white clothing, neutral shades, and denim. And it’s important not to overdo it with accessories.

She wears turtlenecks often.

Miguel Aguilar, Pacific Coast News / EAST NEWS

A turtleneck is not boring but versatile and elegant. The main thing is to find the right color and style. J.Lo has no problem with this. The star prefers black or neutral shades and cropped models. And sometimes she even wears them in the summer. Lopez wears turtlenecks with casual clothes, mixes them with evening dresses, and looks luxurious in them.

She loves asymmetrical dresses.

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Jennifer Lopez often chooses one-shoulder dresses, reminding us of how beautiful these asymmetrical designs can be. With this strap shape, she manages to create a simultaneously feminine, refined, and luxurious look.

She adores white.

Pacific Coast News / EAST NEWS

Almost every third outfit Jennifer Lopez wears is white. Despite the fact that stylists claim the color white adds volume, J.Lo, who is curvy, always happily chooses this total look. The singer especially loves tight-fitting dresses and white pantsuits. A nice bonus is that white clothes look really beautiful with the artist’s tanned skin.

She wears hats.

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Wide-brimmed hats are a weakness for Lopez. They make her look delicate and add a touch of romance to her image. Moreover, Jennifer is one of those people who wear hats even on the red carpet, skillfully combining them with dresses and other outfits. And she looks enchanting in them!

She’s very active.

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Jennifer Lopez began her career as a dancer on the comedy TV show In Living Color in 1991. For her, dancing is a life leitmotif and a guarantee of youth, slimness, and beauty. Dancing allows her to stay in shape, and at her phenomenal shows, Lopez always makes a winning bet on choreography. Recently, in an interview with Vogue, the artist admitted that if she were to write a memoir, she would call it “Dance, Dance, and Dance Again.”

She has faith in herself.


Beauty is within us, and so are all the limits we have created, Jennifer Lopez is sure of this. “You have to believe that you can do anything you want. The only limits are those that you create in your mind,” said the famous actress and singer in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. And that’s all J.Lo, because she really doesn’t limit herself with diets or stereotypes. And it seems to make her happy.

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