As Demi Moore Turns 60, Here Are the 5 Reasons Why She’s Been Able to Age With Grace and Beauty

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When we look at how radiant and gorgeous Demi Moore looks as she hits 60, we are reminded that aging is nothing to be feared. The actress credits her glow to her wellness journey that started at age 49. She explained that as she matured, she realized that you can’t rely forever on genetics, and that beauty is truly connected to wellness rather than youth.

As a result, Moore started to make a conscious effort in her decisions. And given that they seem to be working like a charm for her, we can’t wait to share them with you.

She refuses to hold on to bad thoughts and negative emotions.

Demi Moore strongly believes that what we’re feeling on the inside reflects on the outside. This is why her key to looking so radiant is to eliminate all the negative emotions that she might feel. She explained, ’’I do believe that when we hold upset, anger, hurt, pain or bitterness, it ages us and we wear it." And although we can’t avoid feeling unhappy or having a bad day every now and then, Moore believes that ’’it’s important not to hold on to things."

She does a high-tech workout using the Mirror.

Throughout her career, the actress has portrayed numerous characters that require her to be in perfect shape. For example, to prepare for her 1996 movie, Striptease, Moore incorporated pre-dawn beach runs, weights, yoga, and dance rehearsals that could last for up to 3 hours. And in order to portray her 1997 role in G.I. Jane, she trained by lifting weights for 2 hours a day.

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But surprisingly, it seems that Moore isn’t as much of an intense gym-goer in her everyday life as we might have thought. In 2019, she admitted that she hasn’t gone to the gym in ’’over 4 years.’’

And she revealed in a video that she was about to go back to the fitness game using an at-home interactive machine called the Mirror. This high-tech device allows you to work out without having to go to the gym and even take classes that offer personalized instruction. And when the exercise session is over, the mirror device goes back to being a piece of home decor.

She keeps it simple.

Speaking of her beauty routine, Moore said, ’’I think my biggest thing is really that less is more.’’ She explained, ’’It’s much easier to keep a routine going if we keep it simple, so it’s doable.’’ She added that she doesn’t have a big beauty secret, but one thing that is essential to her is having the right facialist. She added that this expert recommends products to her that are efficient but also made with clean ingredients.

She always makes sure her mind and body are connected.

The reason why Moore doesn’t put much effort into her beauty routine and doesn’t use an excessive amount of products is that, as was mentioned earlier, she believes ’’that beauty starts on the inside.’’

Moore explained, ’’You can do anything you want to the outside, but if the inside isn’t looking or feeling good, then I don’t know if anything you do on the outside is going to be good enough." And in order to achieve this inner clarity, the actress relies on her sessions with an energy healer, which she says turns into a ’’whole mind-body experience.’’

She’s accepting the idea of aging.

Even though we believe that she looks fabulous and radiant, Moore thinks that she has started to physically change. The star who is turning 60 admitted, ’’I’m not in nearly as good shape physically as I have been before, and I have skin going in a direction that I would prefer it not go.’’

But instead of fighting the transformation that comes with aging and trying to reverse it, the actress has explained that her mantra for the year is acceptance. And perhaps the reason why she is glowing and looking better than ever before is that she’s made a decision to love her body no matter what and accept the journey it is on.

Do you agree with Demi Moore’s views on aging? Do you have any special beauty tips that help with your wellness?

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I love Demi and watched her face some real challenges with grace. I think you have to be honest that at 59 she has had lots of plastic surgery and your article is disingenuous about that. An actress must stay in shape and gets to go to the gym for her job,,,not like most of us. I just hope that Demi can learn to love herself and accept herself as she is, already beautiful. That is aging with grace.

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