14 New Series You Won’t Regret Watching

3 years ago

Some series are gripping from the first episodes, but others become interesting only after a few episodes. Both of these types of series have one thing in common: you can definitely recommend them to your friends and relatives when they ask for your advice.

We at Bright Side absolutely adore good shows, so here is a new compilation of the latest releases.

Breeders (2020 — present)

This is a very realistic show about a couple, Paul and Ally, that decided to have 2 children with a small age difference. The spouses are trying to find the right balance between their own lives and caring for children. They get into situations that only new parents can be in. This is an ironic and honest series that is great for those who are going to become parents in the future or who have become parents recently.

For Life (2020 — present)

This series tells the story of Aaron Wallace who has been convicted for life. He has to become a lawyer because he was convicted of a murder he didn’t commit. Aaron is trying to prove his innocence and help other inmates.

Alex Rider (2020 — present)

Alex Rider is a regular teenager. Together with his best friend, he tests the school system and often becomes the reason why his uncle is invited in to talk to the school teachers. Suddenly, the uncle dies and Alex is told that it was an accident. But then, a special agent contacts him and tells him that his uncle was a spy and his death wasn’t an accident. Now Alex, along with the secret service, has to investigate the mysterious murder of his relative.

Motherland: Fort Salem (2020 — present)

This series is set in a fantasy world where people and witches live together. People don’t trust witches, but they still protect the world from different enemies. Fort Salem is a camp for young witches that are trained to use different kinds of magic and fighting techniques. The main characters are 3 girls with different personalities that go to this school. This is an interesting series that talks about serious topics we all should think about.

Intelligence (2020 — present)

Jerry is a national security agent that moves to Great Britain from the US to fight cybercrime. He’s a rookie in this area, which is why he’s fine with using Wikipedia for his investigations and even why confronts the acting boss. This is a simple sit-com and David Schwimmer is in the main role.

Itaewon Class (2020)

The main character, Park Sae Ro Yi, is a young man who has a difficult life. He lost his father, did time in jail, and continues to fight through all his troubles, hoping to open his own restaurant in Seoul. There are many characters in the series with their own unique personalities, and it has a dynamic plot that many people will definitely enjoy.

Godfather of Harlem (2019 — present)

In March of 1963, a gangster named Bumpy Johnson returns to one of the most criminal districts of the US. He’d spent the last 11 years in Alcatraz. A lot has changed on the streets and he needs to adapt to this new reality. By going back his criminal ways, Bumpy becomes one of the crime bosses of the district. This is a series for people who love retro cars, a noir atmosphere, and Forest Whitaker.

Feel Good (2020 — present)

Mae Martin lives in London and does comedy at a stand-up club. There, she meets a teacher named George who sincerely admires Mae’s art. The girls fall in love with each other and start living together. But there are problems that will soon plague the couple just beneath the surface. One of the roles in the series is played by Lisa Kudrow.

Die Hart (2020 — present)

Kevin Hart is tired of being a comedy actor and he wants to appear in action series and films. He gets a chance to appear in a cool film, but it takes preparation. He goes to a school for action heroes where a strong teacher (John Travolta) makes Kevin and other students do very difficult stunts. Among the other actors in this series, you will also see Jean Reno and Josh Hartnett.

The Nest (2020 — present)

Married couple Dan and Emily have great jobs and a luxury house in a prestigious district of Glasgow, so basically everything people need to be happy, except for a child. At one point, an 18-year-old girl named Kaya, who comes from a different district looking for stability, offers them a deal: she’ll give birth to a child for them and they will help her with her life. Neither of the spouses could’ve guessed that this pregnancy would be the start of a nightmare of threats and secrets.

The Baby-Sitters Club (2020 — present)

This is a nice comedy for the entire family. 5, 7th grade girls from a small town decide to start a business: they open a baby-sitters club that can be hired to look after children. Each of the girls is good at certain subjects: some of them at math, some at art. This makes their group unique and competitive. Throughout the show, they share their stories and become best friends. One of the roles is played by Alicia Silverstone.

Little Voice (2020 — present)

Bess is a singer and songwriter, she’s young and imaginative. In the short breaks from making new music, she sings covers, and works as a dog sitter. She mostly plays for herself but once, her garage neighbor accidentally hears her singing. Little Voice is a simple drama about searching for yourself and overcoming the difficulties that every talented person has been through.

The Politician (2019 — present)

This is an interesting series about a young man that is really trying to find a path into the world of politics. His first step is the elections for the position of his school president. He thinks he needs to win this election for his future. He finds support in his foster mother, portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow, his friends, and his girlfriend. This series covers a lot of genres, a lot of the flaws in the political system, and many important teenage topics.

High Fidelity (2020)

A love for music started in childhood and goes through the entire life of the main character. Rob is the young owner of a music store where anyone can find something for themselves. Through music, she tries to learn more about herself, overcome a bad relationship, and make new friends. The charming and charismatic Zoë Kravitz plays in the lead role.

Have you watched any of the series from this list? Which of them do you think you may be interested in?


I have a netflix subscription.. I am wondering if some of them are available there :/
Exactly what I needed :) My summer vacation starts in a few days and - because of the whole COVID situation - I am not going aways... so.... home sweet home with series! Thank you BS :D
I've watched 3 of them. But I got you one more... Hanna.... you're welcome ;)

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