14 People Shared Secrets From Their Workplace, and Some of Them Truly Stunned Us

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Every workplace has behind-the-scenes secrets that only its employees know. While some just relate to how work is done around the office, others can shine a light on practices we would’ve never imagined. Former employees have taken to Reddit to share these, and we’ve compiled them for you to look through. Read along and find out all secrets.

  • “They are out of business now, but in the ’90s I worked at Radio Shack and when people returned an item because it didn’t work, the manager of the store would just box it back up and sell it again. When I asked him about it, he said, ’Hopefully they will return it to a different store.’” © wildescrawl / Reddit
  • “I worked at a comic book store that offered a service where you paid to have rare comics sent to get them graded. A few months later, we had many customers coming in to check the status of their comics, and we found out they were taking customers’ graded copies, selling them, and returning back-issue versions of their original comics.” © ZealousidealWay1139 / Reddit
  • “When I worked at a famous chocolate store, we would turn expired chocolate bars into sample pieces.” © Technicolor_Reindeer / Reddit
  • “Had a friend who worked for a bridal dress company, and she would tell me all her stories after work. They intentionally will bring back the ’wrong’ dress in an attempt to get you to try it on, fall in love, and buy a more expensive wedding dress.” © melaninhue / Reddit
  • “I used to work in college admissions. Rich donors, athletes, and other VIPs have lower admission criteria. They still have minimums, but they’re super easy to reach, even for a ’selective’ university.” © Haephestus / Reddit
  • “At a local deli/grocery store I worked at, everyone raved about how good their mac and cheese was, and it was always sold really quickly when I worked in the deli. It’s even labeled on the menu as [store]’s famous mac n cheese It’s literally store-bought, we didn’t even add anything to it.” © dylpickle91 / Reddit
  • “If you were on Live Chat with Customer Care, I could see what you were typing before pressing send. I watched people work through lies and mistruths, meticulous grammar fixes, and their whole range of emotions in real-time before deleting and typing ’ok.’” © BariatricPressure / Reddit
  • “The e-commerce site I worked at could literally see your cursor movements. Every click. Everything you did on the site was tracked. Pretty safe to assume if you’re on the Internet someone is watching.” © Key_Intention_4763 / Reddit
  • “If you don’t hear music when you’re supposedly on hold, the operator simply muted their mic and can still hear you. I’ve heard interesting and damning things while they thought I couldn’t hear them.” © history7s / Reddit
  • “Hotels do not typically have security, maintenance, or housekeeping on staff 24/7. Once housekeeping finishes cleaning all the rooms, the entire staff leaves except for one front desk employee.” © TAHINAZ / Reddi
  • “Many people balk at the idea of buying a used rental car, but the VAST majority of used car sales are former rental cars. Instead of buying directly from the rental company you’re paying a markup to a third party to buy the exact same thing.” © 05110909 / Reddit
  • “I worked at a car dealership. The $1200 car care system that we would discount to $900 was ‘applied’ with about 15 squirts of a spray bottle. Many times I’d hang out with the detail guys, so the customer wouldn’t get suspicious at a quick turnaround.” © DirtynDurham / Reddit

There’s more to gain from work experiences than just company secrets. It’s nice to take a break from the day-to-day routine and explore different perspectives and experiences related to work:

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