16 Hilarious Photos Proving That Offices Can Be Fun to Work In

4 years ago

You think that the office is a boring place...until one day you find something so funny that you realize it is possible to bring laughter into work.

Some people had cameras handy when it happened to them, and we at Bright Side want to share these funny photos with you.

1. I think the dude on the left is about to start talking.

2. When IT guys get bored:

3. We have a new receptionist. She is blonde.

4. It seems that even he is enjoying the music!

5. Hopefully, pink is their favorite color.

6. When you just want to be left alone:

7. We even have our own Jabba the Hutt!

8. HR suggested 5 minutes of activity per hour. I think I nailed it.

9. It seems that the personal performance plans were seriously overdone.

10. When the boss is on leave:

11. You have been Caged.

12. Hopefully, the occupier is not color-blind.

13. I asked my boss if I could bring a lap-dog to the office.

14. Sorry, I do not speak your language.

15. Surely this is the manager. At least.

16. Our newest team member!

Do funny things ever happen at your workplace? Share them with us in the comments. It is always good to have a bit of a giggle!


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No.10 is an awesome idea! I'm gonna give it a try! ;) How about you?


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