15 People Who Completely Changed After Reaching a Breaking Point

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Many people reach a breaking point in life, whether soft or harsh. Although it’s inevitable, there are some perks to these points of no return. We grow and learn from all kinds of experiences and enter a new, superior lifestyle with preferable habits. Research shows that 4 out of 10 women go through breaking points in their lives, but they surely come back stronger than ever.

  • Weight loss: My kids wanted me to ride a ride at an amusement park with them. I couldn’t fit in the cart with them. I lost 100 pounds over a year and took my kids back to that same park and rode all the rides with them. I’ve kept the weight off for 5 years now. © prolynapping / Reddit
  • My daughter had a lovely wedding, and when I saw the photos a couple of weeks later, I was appalled at my appearance. I made an appointment to see a weight loss doctor. Long story short, the doctor did a blood test and determined that my thyroid was not functioning, so he put me on thyroid replacement therapy. With the crash diet the doctor put me on temporarily, I lost 45 pounds in 8 months! After going back on a high protein, low carb diet 4 months later, I had lost 10 more pounds. I was back at my high school weight. My doctor told me if I can keep it off for one year, it should be routine to keep my weight at that level. That was in 2006. Although it fluctuates 5 pounds one way or the other, I keep an eye on it every week and am still within 5 pounds of my high school weight. © KelenHeller_1 / Reddit
  • I left a toxic relationship in 2019. My boys were still toddlers then (1 and 2). Now I’ll be graduating with an associate’s in December, pursuing a master’s degree. I’m still rebuilding, so it’s nice to hear what getting to the other side of this mess can look like. © Crispy_Cat_9320 / Reddit
  • I was 19-20, working at a large chain grocery store. One day the manager told me I needed to write up an elderly man for not working fast enough. He had a great attitude, always showed up on time, and never missed a day. We argued back and forth for over an hour, and it got very heated. She said he didn’t have a disability, so I needed to write him up for productivity. I told her that if she followed through with this write-up, I would be leaving without so much notice. I had 6 employees walk out with me that day, one of which was the elderly man she tried to get me to write up. © lil_b_b / Reddit
  • My best friend since childhood told me that I was a horrible artist a few years ago. That stung. She tended to always knock me down throughout our friendship, but when she said that, I was determined to make it my livelihood. I more or less have. She’s also not my friend anymore.
    © saltysweetspice / Reddit
  • I quit the job after I came back from maternity leave and found they hadn’t filled my role, leaving my vulnerable clients without adequate support, resulting in 2 being hospitalized. Instead, the money was used to supplement the boss’s income as he promoted himself to CEO from the executive director. I told them where to go and how little I thought of them on my way out.
    © MoxieAndSass / Reddit
  • He cheated on me. I was willing to deal with all the other horrible things: the name calling, the selfishness, the lack of cleaning, the constant blaming me for everything, etc., because I thought he was just “stressed” and that when the stressor went away, he’d be okay again. He cheated on me with a girl he met playing a video game. And my yelling stopped, my nagging stopped. I realized that his treatment of me would never improve because he didn’t respect me enough to treat me like a human. He moved out in January and divorced in May. This has genuinely been the happiest year of my life in so, so, so long. © tvp204 / Reddit
  • My ex-husband was taking me out for a birthday lunch. I picked my favorite restaurant, not his favorite, and he complained the whole time he was there, wolfed down his food, got up as I was halfway through, and told me he’d catch up to me later as he had errands to run. He paid the bill, at least, on his way out, but we’d come together in the same car, so I was stuck standing on the street waiting for him to decide to come back to get me... Worse still, we’d just moved there, so I had no friends or family living nearby, and that was the total extent of the birthday celebrations. © Butter_Cat / Reddit


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