14 People Whose Family Albums Keep Priceless Treasures

Parents always have their cameras ready to capture the perfect picture of their kids. For them, it’s more than a means of capturing special moments. It is a token that they take pride in when showing them to family members, neighbors, and colleagues. Once the superb snapshot is taken, it’s carefully put inside a thick album for future generations to witness. And now, thanks to the Internet, many people choose to share the gems in their family albums to cheer up strangers around the globe.

For your enjoyment, the Bright Side team made a collection of pictures from family albums belonging to different generations, places, and time periods.

1. “My daughter is just 1 minute old.”

2. “Awkward family photos and pictures of pets... Well, check this out.”

3. “My mom and aunt with the creepiest Flintstone costumes ever created.”

4. They were told not to blink in order to take the perfect shot.

5. “My brother won a medal and I won an onion ring.”

6. “Nothing says awkward middle school years like a Wendy’s tee and a room full of aliens.”

7. “Looking through a family album, I realized I’m related to Tweety Bird.”

8. “Was going through childhood pictures and stumbled across this.”

9. “The perfect Christmas card photo”

10. “I looked like a middle-aged man when I was a child.”

11. “Celebrating my Reddit birthday with a picture from my childhood dressed up as a rock star!”

12. “Best haircut/school photo — my boyfriend, age 10”

13. “Eighth-grade me posing with a bunny hat I found on the playground (hence the facial expression)”

14. “My baby girl with her new toy”

What are your top 3 pictures? Who’s in charge of maintaining your family albums? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit Newfie709 / Imgur


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