14 Photos Where the Background Totally Stole the Spotlight

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We are used to paying attention to the main action developing in a photo. But sometimes the background turns out to be so much more exciting, we can barely take our eyes off of it. This is exactly what happened with the photos in our selection.

We at Bright Side found 14 photographs worth looking at because of what is happening in the background. There are surprises hidden just behind the main attraction.

1. He thought he was posing against the background of the sea. He didn’t know he was posing against 2 guys.

2. Someone is definitely not impressed with this proposal.

3. That guy has great acrobatic skills.

4. This kid was really impressed with this skull.

5. Someone is not a fan of selfies.

6. Yes, you saw that right! It’s Prince Harry.

7. Baby girl’s got a kitty pigtail.

8. The guy in the background is having more fun than anyone.

9. What happened to the girl in this background?

10. At least someone was looking at the camera.

11. Naps in nature are always great.

12. They won’t know what hit’em when they turn around.

13. “I was trying to take selfies with the dolphin behind me, but it was bright out, so I couldn’t see my phone screen.”

14. How do you spend your time while riding on the train?

Have you ever had surprises like these in the background of your photos? We would like to see them in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in October 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit MetalW0lf / Reddit


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