14 Pics That Prove Our Pets Have Bad Days Too

3 years ago

We all love spending time and sharing our home with our pets. In turn, they also usually seem to enjoy our company just as much we enjoy theirs. They always seem happy and well-rested, ready to take part in any crazy idea we have. They’re eager to play with us and have fun. However, they sometimes have moments that put them in bad moods. A failed attempt to escape, sticking their heads in the wrong place, or having someone eat what they think is their last bite of food. That’s when it suddenly hits us: pets can be moody too. Of course, they are entitled to have a bad day just as much as we are.

So Bright Side made a compilation of pictures that prove even our beloved pets can have a bad day from time to time and, well, even when they’re in a bad mood, they’re still super cute!

1. When your expectations are sky-high and you get a dose of reality.

2. “This is my cat after trying to run out the door... Into a wall of snow.”

3. “My dog managed to get into a pack of frozen fish fillets and he would’ve gotten away with it, if he didn’t get stuck and have to come to me for help.”

4. “Just an angry cat out for a stroll”

5. “So, somebody ate his noodles and he’s angry.”

6. “Chonky boi ain’t lookin’ chonky no more after a bath.”

7. “Vigorous licking + edge of the bed are not a good mix. Picture taken 1.5 seconds before falling off.”

8. “I had a friend come watch my cat while I was out of town, and she sent me this picture. Apparently the cat did not approve of my choice.”

9. “Our Frenchie got stuck under the gate so our Labradoodle decided to keep her company.”

10. “We’re moving today and she’s angry.”

11. “Went out for a breakfast date and forgot to feed her before we left. She was sitting in the garage waiting for us to come back.”

12. “I should have shared my sandwich.”

13. All the dog groomers were closed today...

14. “When you love the smell of bacon, but get a little too close to the frying pan on the stove...”

Have your pets had a bad day lately? What do you do to try and cheer them up? Let us know in the comment section!

Preview photo credit strooticus / Reddit


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