14 Times Celebrities Donned Vintage Outfits and Looked Chic

2 years ago

When fashion designers create new collections, celebrities often become the first people to wear them. However, sometimes famous women choose vintage outfits for red carpet events and show gowns from old collections to the world again. Bella Hadid, Zendaya, Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities like to search for style inspiration in the past, and we simply adore their vintage looks.

We at Bright Side selected 14 unforgettable times when celebrity beauties brought back to life vintage pieces of clothing, and we couldn’t take our eyes off them wearing those old but good outfits.

1. While attending Cannes Film Festival in 2021, Bella Hadid donned the same Jean Paul Gaultier dress that Naomi Campbell wore in 2002.

2. When attending a party in 2022, Iris Law channeled Beyoncé’s outfit from 2003.

3. For the 2012 Oscars ceremony Natalie Portman chose a red polka dot dress by Dior that dates back to 1954.

4. Zendaya made us all travel through time when she put on this ensemble by Yves Saint Laurent from 1982.

5. For Cannes film festival in 2019 Bella Hadid chose a vintage Roberto Cavalli dress.

With this look Bella channeled Sharon Stone who wore the same gown in 2013.

6. Bretman Rock put on this vintage dress by Roberto Cavalli to attend the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.

In the image below socialite Muffie Potter Aston is wearing the same dress at an event in 2004.

7. In 2022 Zendaya brought back to life this striped vintage Valentino gown from 1992.

8. Adwoa Aboah turned heads on the red carpet in 2019 when she chose a vintage Gucci gown from the 2004 collection.

9. In 2020 Kaitlyn Dever sparkled in a 1960s haute couture Dior dress.

10. The sleeved bodice Dua Lipa is wearing in one of her music videos is a piece from Jean Paul Gaultier’s 1998 collection.

11. In 2019 Gwyneth Paltrow stole the show when she donned a 1963 Valentino black-and-white gown.

12. Kylie Jenner rocked her vintage outfit by Jean Paul Gaultier that dates back to the late ’80s.

13. For 2021 MET gala celebrations, Kaia Gerber chose the outfit design that looked very similar to the one Bianca Jagger wore in 1981.

14. Kim Kardashian looked like a gorgeous siren when she put on this vintage Alexander MacQueen gown from the fashion collection he presented in 2002.

Do you like vintage clothes? Do you have pieces from old collections in your wardrobe?


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