14 Times Things Accidently Blended With Their Surroundings

2 years ago

Contrary to popular belief, chameleons don’t change color to blend in, but to stand out. However, some things that are nowhere near chameleons can perfectly match the environment. Maybe we’re just too busy and in too much of a hurry to spot them instantly. Yet, sometimes, even when we do stop and stare, it might still take us a minute to understand what’s happening.

Bright Side found 14 pictures that deserve to be called visual puzzles.

1. “Invisible feet”

2. “Couldn’t find my sunglasses in the car.”

3. “When the dog matches the rug”

4. “Cracker on a counter”

5. “Lost my squeegee for 20 minutes on an install.”

6. “Camouflage socks”

7. “Do you have any polka dot sandals?”

8. Camouflaged Zippy

9. “So comfortable!”

10. “The cat sort of matches tree bark.”

11. “Some animals have evolved to mimic their environment. This adaptation helps them to evade predators.”

12. “2 cats...or 2 tails?”

13. “I thought we only had 3 bears.”

14. “Hat on the street”

What has recently made you do a double-take? What things do you usually find hard to spot?


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The white Persian cat was so precious, I want it badly and IDC if it's owned by someone


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