14 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean That Cinderella Isn’t Even Aware Of

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3 years ago

They say the mess is not in our closets but in our heads. Still, messes at home can affect our mood and even cause stress. However, it doesn’t have to take the entire day or even several hours to clean your home.

Bright Side learned what tricks can help you sustain cleanness in your home without spending too much time and money. Not only does our compilation suggest certain helpful items to have on hand, but also some clever ways to organize your space.

1. A magnetic holder for cutlery

Magnetic holders for kitchen utensils are more hygienic than wooden ones. That’s because the latter can absorb moisture, creating a great environment for bacteria to grow in. However, the magnetic stripe can be located in any suitable place on the wall, whether it be over a sink or above a tabletop. It will free space and make your kitchen look less messy.

2. Pots for storing kitchen utensils

Pots can be used not only for flowers but also for adding coziness to your kitchen. Pots made from metal wires will make fruit look nice, while a flowerpot-style holder can be good for storing cutlery or sponges for washing dishes, making our kitchens appear less messy.

3. Bathroom hooks in places other than the bathroom

These hooks are way more functional than you think. They can be placed in a closet and used for holding ties, scarves, belts, or bags. If hung in the kitchen, you can place pot-holders or towels on them. The hooks can be changed from time to time, which will help to add new accents to the interior.

4. A small storage place for little things in every room

Business cards, flyers with promo codes to your favorite stores, hair ties, a grocery store list, and other little things can clutter a room tremendously. It can get exhausting trying to put them back in their place each time you use them, but there is a simple way to solve the issue. Place a small vase or a nice-looking box in each room and keep all those tiny things in it.

5. The “5 things rule”

If you live in a small apartment or if you don’t like the idea of having boxes and drawers everywhere, try using the “5 things rule.” Each day, find things that are placed in the wrong place in your home and put them where they’re supposed to be. For example, place your shoes on a shoe shelf and a book in a bookcase. It will only take several minutes a day and will soon declutter your home and make the overall interior look better.

6. Keeping cleaning agents in different rooms

If you store cleaning agents in places where they must be used, the chances of keeping your home decluttered and neat will be much higher. This is because you won’t have to rush to another room to get a detergent to clean the room or to wipe away an accidental stain on the couch — you’ll have all the necessary stuff on hand.

Keep cleaning agents for the stove in the kitchen, shampoo for cleaning carpets in the sitting room, and wipes for cleaning screens in the room where your computer is placed. The main thing is to find a cozy corner and a nice-looking container for them so that they don’t attract attention.

7. Jewelry in a box for crafts or in a pill box

It’s convenient to store jewelry in a hanging position, but the pieces can quickly become dusty. To avoid confusion, it can be stored in a regular craft organizer, which is sold at any hardware store. You can place earrings in small sections and beads with bracelets in bigger sections.

8. A turntable or a multi-tier stand for storing condiments

Boxes with spices or vitamins can be placed on a small stand or on a turntable. It will save space and let you keep all the necessary things on hand. It’s worth noting that corner base cabinets are the perfect place for such holders.

9. Lamps in the closet

The issue of not being able to find the right clothes can be solved once and for all by installing recessed ceiling lamps in the closet. They can be configured to light up when the doors are opened or by using a switch. When the lights are there, it’s much easier to choose the right outfit and say goodbye to things that you should’ve gotten rid of ages ago.

10. Keeping a charging station, cosmetics storage, and more on your bedside table

You’ll never have to declutter your drawers if you simply “redesign” things once. Place some nice-looking paper on the bottom of the drawer and arrange your containers: you’ll be able to keep electronics in one container and cosmetic items or notebooks in another.

11. Folding tablecloths and towels vertically to save space

If you have so many tablecloths and towels that they hardly fit in the cabinet, you can fold them vertically, following the KonMari Method. They will take up way less space when folded this way and it will be much easier to find the item that you need because you won’t have to go through the entire stack.

12. Saving time with a boot tray, especially when the weather’s bad

In order to avoid washing the floor every time you come indoors, get yourself a boot tray. Simply put your shoes into it after coming back home during the winter months or on a rainy day — the water will drain onto the tray and keep the floor clean. In addition, if you place some pebbles in it, your shoes will always stay dry.

13. Using a basket or box to store all of your family’s slippers

You’ll never have to go searching for your slippers or pairs for your guests if you pace a special slipper station in the entryway. Not only will it minimize the mess, but it also adds a nice and cozy accent to your home’s interior.

14. Keeping gloves and mittens in a fabric bag

Your gloves, mittens, and other small but important pieces keep getting lost in the sea of your family’s accessories! You can try to minimize the chances of getting into such a situation by using a fabric shopping bag. Consider placing it on a hook on the back of a cabinet door or on a hanger.

What tricks for keeping your home neat do you use?

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I learned a little while ago that minimalism has nothing to do with being clean or having little things, it's all about having a load of storage space :D


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