7 Amazon Products for Your Junk Drawer That You’ll Use All the Time

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We fill our junk drawers with stuff that we have no idea where to put, and most of the time we never end up using them. However, there are products on Amazon that you can add to it that you’ll actually find a good use for, from SD card readers and elastic hairbands to your personal pocket-size label printing machines.

We at Bright Side dug deep into Amazon and found items that every household will find handy.

1. SD card reader that you can use with your iPhone, iPad, desktop, or laptop. This item is compatible with all general memory cards, which makes it versatile. You can read, write, and transfer data in SD card, SDHC, SDXC, RS-MMC, MicroSD, MicroSDHC, and MicroSDXC.

User instructions for iPhone/iPad:

1. Insert a SD card in the slot and connect it to iPhone/iPad;

2. Open the “Files” App on iPhone/iPad, find the SD card folder;

3. Start to view or transfer files between SD card and device.

Promising review: This item is absolutely perfect for transferring photos from any memory card to an iPhone, iPad or similar product. Go to photos on your phone, plug this in with memory card and look for the card. Select all or just the photos you want. Fast transfer. Small and fits well in a camera bag. Perfecto. Thanks, highly recommended. A++. @Nick

Buy the SD card reader HERE

2. Clear elastic hairbands (500 pieces) with a removal hook that will help you instantly take out the bands, preventing your hair from being pulled and tangled. Elastics don’t have to hurt!

These hairbands can boast of great elasticity, which makes them a perfect choice even for thick hair. They come together with a band-cutting hook that comes in handy once you no longer want the bands in your hair. Just use the hook to cut and remove the bands instead of pulling them off your hair (which can be painful). A clear carry box will guarantee that all these tiny bands stay in place.

Promising review: I had my doubts that these bands would actually stretch far enough to be of use.
I stand corrected. They stretch many times larger than the size they originally are. The band cutter is brilliant and is very sharp, if you do not want to pull the band back out of your hair, you just cut it off with ease. The plastic box the bands are in is good as it keeps them all together in one place. I definitely recommend these bands for all sorts of hair and styles. @Beanie

Buy the elastic hairbands HERE

3. Battery storage cases (12 pieces) for keeping your AA/AAA batteries in place. Made of sturdy plastic, they are perfect for storing and transporting batteries. A secure click fastener will allow you to open the case again and again with just one hand.

The set includes 12 battery storage cases. The design of the cases prevents batteries from rolling inside.

Promising review: These little boxes are so useful for keeping your batteries in for moving about and not loosing them. They are safe, protected, and secure and always at hand when needed. 110% highly recommended. Stops batteries going astray in drawers, backpacks, and camera bags etc. @Brian Adams

Buy the battery storage cases HERE

4. Individually wrapped screen wipes (120 pieces) that you can use to clean your laptop, TV, or mobile phone screen. They quickly remove stains, fingerprints, and oil, and are safe to use on any type of screen and glass. The set includes a microfiber cloth that you can use to finish the cleaning process.


Step 1: Pick one or more wipes by tearing and opening individual package

Step 2: Have a quick and even wipe

Step 3 (if needed): If the glass or screen is still wet, use the cloth to wipe it

Promising review: These wipes are amazing for cleaning my iPad’s screens and glasses, but even if they weren’t, the cloth you get with them does the job perfectly. The wipes are not too wet and have a 2-3 use from just one. Just one was enough to clean my iPad mini screen, iPad 8th gen screen, and my glasses. There’s plenty in the box, and it’s compact for easy storage. The wipe packaging is nicely compact too! @LegendaryKai

Buy the screen wipes HERE

5. Set of hair clips (80 pieces) that is just perfect for little kids and toddlers who have thin hair. The set includes 32 clips of solid color, 32 clips with prints, and 16 clips with glitter. The width of these tiny hair clips is 0.4 inches, and the length is 1.2 inches.

These brightly colored hair clips can become a good birthday gift for a little child. Made of lightweight and high-quality materials, they won’t rust easily, and their vibrant colors will last long.

Promising review: Perfect little hair clips for my toddler girl. Strong, lovely, wide range of variety and amazing value for that price. I love the small box it comes with, as well, so handy to store the clips. I definitely recommend it and will order again in the future. @Csilla

Buy the set of hair clips HERE

6. LED flashlight with adjustable focus and super bright light that is good for camping, night walks with your dog in poorly lit areas, or emergency blackouts. Thanks to its small size, this flashlight will easily fit in your pocket.

The focus of this flashlight can be adjusted, and the beam can be enlarged or reduced to meet different lighting needs. It’s made of sturdy aluminum alloy, which makes it strong and durable. Thanks to its comfortable design, it’s easy to grip and hold.

Promising review: Torch is a little weighty, but is not difficult to hold (it just feels really solid). It has a couple of different light functions (it can flash, it can stay solid, or it can flash SOS in morse code), and it can also be a strong solid light or a more faded gentle light (using the “zoom” function). I bought this to add to my car’s emergency kit, and I’m really glad I bought it, it’s been a great addition! @H. McGuckin

Buy the LED flashlight HERE

7. Pocket-size Bluetooth label maker that you can use both in the office and at home. This machine can print name tags, date tags, category labels, notes, and other labels which makes it really versatile. Various fonts and icons are available to customize your labels.

The machine generates patterns on thermal labels using heat, so no ink or other materials are needed. It offers high printing quality and supports 2 types of power supply: AAA batteries and USB charger.

Promising review: I received this printer last week and have been using it to label items for my daughter, who’s just started school. It’s so easy to use, the app is very intuitive and allows for a lot of creativity with all its options. The quality of the labels themselves is great too, clear lettering and very sticky. I’m thrilled I chose this label maker, as it’s half the price of others I was looking to purchase. @Lynsey Cunningham

Buy the label maker HERE

What do you put in your junk drawer the most?

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