15 Animals Who Didn’t Have Big Hopes for Life but Fortune Decided to Favor Them

3 years ago

There is a way out of any situation, even the most hopeless, if you meet at least one loving heart on your way. The fluffy characters in our photo compilation, who made their way from the very bottom of their life to its peak (thanks to people who adopted them), are well aware of it.

Looking through these photos of saved animals, we at Bright Side keep getting amazed at what a transformative effect a little care and love can have on pets. These stories are another piece of proof that everything can change for the good, at any moment of life. There is also a sweet bonus from the New York police and an emotional photo from an animal shelter waiting for you at the end of the article.

1. “This is Pudding! Adopted 6 years ago, had to be taught to play after being used as a (useless) guard dog and chained up outside.”

2. “From a stray in Thailand to the queen of our apartment, meet Connie.”

3. Left: Ryker a few days away from euthanasia. Right: Ryker adopted and loving life!

4. “From a scared and starving kitten found under my boyfriend’s house, to a fat and curious little hooligan 6 months later.”

5. “Rescued this golden girl almost 2 months ago, and it’s like she is a different dog! Say hello to Luna.”

6. “I found Mick in my garage 3 months ago before taking him in. He’s come a long way.”

7. “One look at that sad face and I knew we had to save her. Old lady Madge is spending her golden years spoiled rotten and eating lots of peanut butter (with no teeth!).”

8. “This homeless cat got feline viral rhinotracheitis and couldn’t breathe. We spent 2 months curing her. And now she is OK.”

9. “They said it might take weeks to get adjusted. It’s been a week... I think he’s adjusting well.”

10. “From being found frozen into the side of the highway, to a gorgeous girl living the best life. She’s brought so much love into our lives.”

11. “3 weeks since rescued! Her name is Celery and she is the bestest girl.”

12. “This is Koya! She was a pregnant, starving stray with untreated allergies when I found her. Almost 2 years later and she’s a healthy loaf of a cat.”

13. “Freya was rescued when she was just 3 days old. I’ve been blessed to watch her grow from a mole to a cow.”

14. “We had fun recreating our first photo of Gus on the anniversary of his adoption. From sickly kitten to rambunctious cat.”

15. “From respiratory infections in a cage at our local humane shelter to Queens of the household.”

Bonus № 1: The New York Police Department rescued this large bunny! (It seems the policeman is happier than the bunny.)

Bonus № 2: Shelter dog cannot contain her excitement about getting adopted.

Which pets have a stronger connection with their owners: the ones that were adopted or the ones who found their way into their owner’s caring hands from birth?

Preview photo credit muffin_guts / Reddit


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The dog in number 7 with the tongue out is so funny and cute


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