15 Awesomely Creative Things That Make Parenting More Fun

Parenting is not all sunshine and rainbows. Day to day, it’s also hard work which requires a lot of effort. In order to make moms’ and dads’ lives easier, over the years numerous smart people have come up with many clever design solutions to their problems.

Bright Side collected 15 awesome designs which will brighten up every parent’s daily routine. Scroll to the end of the article, and you will see for sure that the best designers are creative parents.

15. A flower bath

Because children are ’flowers’ of life.

14. An airplane spoon

...Aaand one more spoon for the pilot!

13. Slippers for 2

For those taking their first steps... and other fun activities.

12. A feeding bottle holder

When mom’s hands are busy.

11. A bag and changing mat in one

Within hand’s reach.

10. A baby bath mat

So that mom’s knees won’t hurt anymore.

9. A sippy strap

It’s finally been tamed!

8. A cradle and a rocking chair in one

Mom will always be by your side.

7. An infant hammock

Far away travels, here we come!

6. A showerhead for kids

Height will never be a problem again.

5. A squeezy bottle-spoon

Just the thing we need!

4. An amazing baby armchair

Let’s give sitting a go.

3. Rubber corner guards

Malicious corners are no longer a threat.

2. A table chair

You can attach it to any table top.

1. A baby carriage bike

Healthy mom: check. Happy kids: check!


Get along shirt

When parents do everything just right.

Good motivation

"My daughter is currently pulling a D- in math. This is her phone."

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