15 Cases That Literally Made Us Stop and Ask, “Why?”

2 years ago

A 3-legged man on Google Street View or a table made from old iPhones at a pizzeria — coming across something questionable never fails to spice up an ordinary day. Although it’s not often that something super unique or weird comes your way, you can still get a lifetime of entertainment from funny situations online.

Bright Side presents a special selection of some oddballs that stopped people in their tracks.

1. Taylor Swift’s face on a motorbike seat

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2. “My local pizza joint has a table made from old iPhones.”

3. “I was browsing Google Street View today and found this.”

4. “Looked over and saw my new puppy sitting like this, just watching me.”

5. “My wife saw this driving around.”

6. “Tenants called to tell me the toilet wouldn’t flush. The plumber turned up to this.”

7. “This happened to my brother’s bus — while they were on it.”

8. “Went to the toilet, looked up, and saw this looking back.”

9. “My grandparents’ carpeted bathroom”

10. “She was just taking a nap in the grocery store parking lot.”

11. “This guy really loves his Adidas Gazelles.”

12. “My cousin is a nurse. She got this for Christmas and loved it.”

13. “My boyfriend found newspaper print in his chicken.”

14. “I was looking through my late grandma’s photos when I found this.”

15. “A car that was in front of me today”

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found? Go ahead and fill the comment section with your finest stories and photos!

Preview photo credit 2deuces2 / Reddit, ygelban / Reddit


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