15 Celebrities Who Take Pride in Their Gray Hair (and We Love It)

3 years ago

Having gray hair traditionally meant that you became old and that your best years were behind you. Well, not anymore. Actually, far from it. Today, we know grey hair only means you’re running out of melatonin and that’s it. Men are no longer afraid of showing their white hair or beard. It’s actually the opposite. They’ve embraced the beauty of grey hair and even given the whole look a twist thanks to their boost of confidence.

At Bright Side we love how these men managed to change everyone’s mind about grey hair (and it’s no wonder, they look amazing!), so we decided to make a compilation of men who pull off grey hair like pros. Enjoy!

1. Jaime Camil

2. George Clooney

3. Jeff Goldblum

4. Anderson Cooper

5. Richard Gere

6. Eric Dane

7. Viggo Mortensen

8. Patrick Dempsey

9. Mark Ruffalo

10. Matt LeBlanc

11. Ryan Reynolds

12. Harrison Ford

13. Taylor Kinney

14. Jon Bon Jovi

15. Gianluca Vacchi

Do you like it when celebrities have gray hair? What will you do when you start getting grey hair? Will you dye it or will you keep it natural?


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me in a rush to finish reading this thinking... WHERE IS TED DANSON


I really wanted to get grey hair a few months ago, especially during the lockdown... I think another lockdown will push me over the edge and go for it :D


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