15 Coincidences That Made Our Eyes Betray Us

11 months ago

Many of us have been tricked on the Internet by pictures that made us do a double-take and wonder if our imagination was running wild. However, most of these optical illusions are just our brains attempting to make sense of an image that is deceptive and failing to capture its true essence. These 15 pictures are simply proof that our brains mislead us, but they still make us question ourselves.

1. “Blursed outfit”

2. “I’m just big-boned.”

3. “Was just about to get up and turn off the light.”

4. “My kid’s bike seat is giving me the side eye.”

5. “It looks like Darth Vader is haunting my daughter’s room.”

6. “After 5 years of use, my pizza stone looks like the moon.”

7. “Those aren’t my shoes.”

8. “I feel lighter.”

9. “The cross-section of this agate is like looking out onto the ocean.”

10. “These stairs I almost tripped off of”

11. “My cousin’s legs look backward.”

12. “Dog looks like its head is emerging from the carpet.”

13. “The light filtering through the leaves this morning cast a pixelated shadow.”

14. “This cupboard of nothing”

15. “Is the chair facing the water or the grass?”

Did you ever accidentally capture an image that made you question your own vision? Share it with us!

Preview photo credit te*orfirma111 / Reddit


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