15 Confusing Pics That Put Our Imaginations in Overdrive

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Sometimes, there’s a thin line between imagination and reality, according to one study. It’s called the “imagination inflation effect,” which involves falsely remembering something as real when, in fact, it was only visualized in the mind. And there are many things that can trigger our imagination. Take, for example, these perplexing photos that could distort our logic and make our perceptions run wild.

1. “My dog found some portals under my bed.”

2. “A man playing billiards on my car”

3. “My earball is itchy.”

4. “A cat casually passing through a car”

5. “Extra-long chicken claw”

6. “Only took my cat a few hours to impale herself on her new toy.”

7. “These stacked chairs suggest a change in depth that doesn’t actually exist.”

8. “A flying pole or a smudge on the floor?”

9. Woah, that fish is huge! Or is it?

10. “Whose leg is it anyway?”

11. “Flying cruise ships”

12. “This image I took while helping my dad with roofing work”

13. “Jimmy fell asleep beneath the cat cushion and I nearly had a heart attack.”

14. “Reflective surface”

15. “A man fixing a street light”

Do you have a photo of something that made you stop in your tracks and question all logic? Share your pics in the comment section.


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