15 Deceiving Pictures That Can Make You Question Your Eyes

year ago

Our brains can trick us in quite a few ways, with one of them being our hidden biases. We are used to seeing things in certain ways and expect to see them like this, but oftentimes they are different. Of course, we adapt to the new image, but at first, we surely can get tricked. This is exactly what these deceiving pictures do to us.

Bright Side has collected 15 pictures that will confuse you at first, but you will eventually understand what’s really going on.

1. “Dogman”

2. “Centauress”

3. “The blanket lines up nicely with my dog’s face.”

4. “Not sure if I was in lane number 1 or 0.”

5. “Headless bubble run”

6. “And just like that...he gained his wings.”

7. “It’s just one picture, not 2.”

8. “Big body, small head”

9. “This building”

10. “Too many legs”

11. “Giant spider?”

12. “Which foot is he kicking with?”

13. “Mini legs”

14. “Which head belongs to which body?”

15. “The hotel hallway makes her look tiny.”

Have you ever taken any pictures that you saw later and realized how perplexing they were?

Preview photo credit Meridian-Rose / reddit


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