12 Massively Popular Drag Queens On and Off the Stage

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The first-ever appearance of drag appeared back in the 16th century as part of Shakespearean theater. However, the very first actual drag queen dates back to the 18th century and was a gentlemen’s servant. And while, during that time and for centuries later, people who dressed in clothes of the opposite gender were name-called, the art of drag is now highly regarded. Thanks to RuPaul, men and women around the world have found success doing their own drag performances.

1. Pabllo Vittar (12.8 million followers)

2. Trixie Mattel (3.2 million followers)

3. Gloria Groove (4.7 million followers)

4. Bianca Del Rio (2.5 million followers)

5. Adore Delano (2.1 million followers)

6. Katya Zamolodchikova (2.6 million followers)

7. Plastique (2.1 million followers)

8. Violet Chachki (2 million followers)

9. Alyssa Edwards (1.9 million followers)

10. Kim Chi (1.8 million followers)

11. Sasha Velour (1.7 million followers)

12. Aquaria (1.6 million followers)


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if i woulndt of known that they are drag queens at first then i would of thought that they were all girls. also #3s makeup is hella cool


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