15 Designers Whose Creativity Truly Knows No Limits

2 years ago

It takes a lot of imagination to be a designer. After all, we won’t even pay attention to a product no matter how useful or practical it might be if the package doesn’t instantly fascinate us. But some designers went way too far when creating their masterpieces and gave us a good reason to laugh.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t help but burst into laughter as we scrolled through these pictures shared by people who were lucky to find truly creative items.

1. “I’d like to have been in the design meeting discussing what words should be sequined onto the heel of their shoe purse idea.”

2. “This toilet”

3. “Armadillo purse”

4. “Denim dinnerware”

5. “Rake and shovel table set.”

6. “These neon shoes.”

7. “This 500 dollar toilet at my local warehouse store.”

8. “Back in high school we had a teacher who would always wear these.”

9. “You never know what you will find in an antique shop.”

10. “Meet the LOBS”

11. “Measure cooking ingredients by the rule of thumb.”

12. “These jean handbags”

13. “Crepe Barbie”

14. “Kinda thought about buying one for myself.”

15. “Cheese grater + bulb = lamp?”

Which of these designs made you laugh the most? Have you ever come across a design that made you go, “Who made this?”

Preview photo credit qmcrt / Reddit


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