15 Designs That You Could Look At for Hours Searching for Meaning

year ago

Some designs aren’t meant to stand in an art museum, but rather, to shock and surprise — and you can see them daily. If you witness a bus with a standard door for a home, it might be questionable, but still difficult to forget. Just be sure to take a photo of it to show your friends.

1. “Straight off the runway”

2. “Questionable”

3. “Dish chandelier”

4. “Babe, wake up, it’s a shoe car.”

5. “My in-laws’ new bathroom mirror”

6. “Garden foot creature”

7. Vans + Crocs?

8. “6-door pickup truck”

9. “My grandma has a bag made out of coffee packets.”

10. “Sunburst mirror”

11. This mug

12. “Mirror-plated house”

13. “Taking boot bag to a whole new level”

14. “An earring that stops you from losing your AirPods”

15. “Forked tongue necklace”

Which design did you like the most? What’s the weirdest thing in your wardrobe?


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