15 Family Photos That Will Make You Believe in the “Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree” Theory

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2 years ago

Looking at pictures in old family albums can make you feel the bittersweet taste of nostalgia. And some of them may even take you by surprise when you realize you look exactly like your grandmother or a distant relative you’ve never even met.

Here at Bright Side, we love scrolling through old photos and finding out all the surprises they might be hiding.

1. “Great-grandma and I around the same age”

2. “My dad on the left. Me on the right.”

3. “My great aunt and I at same age”

4. “I never thought that I looked like my mother until today when I saw these pictures side by side.”

5. “My dad at my age and me!”

6. “My dad and I at the age of 20, sitting in the exact same place, wearing the same thing.”

7. “My grandma age 16 in 1946 and my daughter age 7 in 2014, in the same location.”

8. “My dad’s senior picture in 1975 and my high school picture, freshman year, in 2004.”

9. “My dad holding me as a baby, me holding my newborn son.”

10. “My grandmother in 1941 and her great-granddaughter in 2020.”

11. “My grandfather and I, 60 years apart, both taken at 23 years old and in the same jacket.”

12. “My mom in 1990 and me in 2020. We’ve been called twins for the longest!”

13. “There’s approximately 20 years between these 2 photos of me and my mom. I painted her face, she painted mine.”

14. “Me in 1995 and my aunt in the ’70s”

15. “Striking similarities between my boyfriend, right, and his grandpa when he was about the same age, left.”

Who do you resemble in your family? Have you ever tried to recreate old family photos?

Preview photo credit hanwestwood / Reddit


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