15 Inventions That Can Bring More Comfort to Our Lives

3 years ago

Creators never stop surprising us with their new, out-of-the-box designs and projects. From smart sleep and relaxation devices to innovative gadgets that can stop menstrual cramps — it seems like the super high-tech future is closer than we might think — and we’re pretty excited about it.

Bright Side wants to keep our readers up to date, which is why we can’t wait to share our latest findings with you. They’re all so cool, we want each and every one of them.

1. A smart bed for cozy movie nights

This bed has a retractable 70-inch screen with a 4k projector. It also has a built-in light system that creates a pleasant atmosphere. In addition to this, users are provided with an app that allows the smart bed to analyze their sleep, temperature, weight, and the air quality in the room. All in all, it can easily become a place no one ever wants to leave.

2. An alarm that can brew fresh coffee for you

This compact and stylish machine serves 2 purposes — to wake you up in the morning and to serve you a warm drink. Depending on your mood and personal preferences, it can make either coffee or tea. This can serve as a good present for anyone who appreciates their special morning routine and wants a kick start to the new day.

3. A portable gadget that can stop menstrual pain

A group of creators decided to help women during their painful time of the month, and this is a drug-free solution. The way it works is rather interesting: the device stimulates the nerves and then blocks the pain from passing to the brain. Users just need to attach the device to their lower abdomen area so they can enjoy pain-free days.

4. An origami drinking bottle

As people become more aware of plastic pollution, a lot of us are attempting to switch to more sustainable products like reusable water bottles, straws, shopping bags, and more. But reusable drinking bottles can take some extra space in our bags, especially when they’re empty. This Difold product decided to solve this issue — it can be folded in seconds!

5. A hairdryer that doesn’t require a socket

Wireless devices and earbuds don’t surprise us these days. But as technology advances, more manufacturers are getting rid of the cords, like those who make hairdryers, for example. This product gives you the flexibility and freedom to bring it anywhere and use it anytime to make sure you look just perfect!

6. A smart device that makes you fall asleep faster

If you have problems with falling asleep and relaxing at night, this device might be very useful to you. It projects light onto the ceiling that changes and indicates a breathing pattern. All you need to do is inhale and exhale according to the light pattern, which eventually slows down your breathing, calms your mind, and makes you feel drowsy.

7. An alarm that alleviates morning struggles

If getting up in the morning is a problem you often face, then this device can save the day. This alarm actually requires you to get up and press the alarm with your feet to turn it off. Its sound is rather loud and you need to stay standing on it for at least 3 seconds to make it turn off.

8. Portable cutlery to go waste-free

Reusable cutlery is becoming more and more widespread but it can be annoying to carry around the pieces along with your lunchbox. One company decided to solve this problem by making all the necessary items foldable! Their forks, spoons, knives, straws, and chopsticks can reduce in size to fit in a compact box that takes up less space.

9. A hand-sized washing machine

Washing clothes without a washing machine can be easy and fun with this new device. It cleans your clothes with ultrasonic technology and can be used in your bathroom sink. It can serve as a perfect washing solution for gentle fabrics that you’re too scared to throw in your washing machine.

10. A silent wearable breast pump

Milk pumps are already quite convenient for mothers, but the designers of this one decided to go one step further. This new product is smaller than normal pumps, silent, and lightweight so you can wear it inside your nursing bra during the day. Moreover, you can use the accompanying app to monitor the milk volume and check your pumping history.

11. A handheld dishwasher that scrubs dishes for you

For those who want to get truly lazy with their dishwashing routine, this machine might become a real lifesaver. All you need to do is put the dish in between the brushes, turn the device on, and let it do all the work for you.

12. A mirror that monitors your body

This high-tech mirror is paired with a special phone app. Together, they allow users to scan their bodies and create a 3D model of themselves. After this, the user can check their weight and track changes in fat percentage, fat mass, and lean mass. It can also measure different areas of the body to help them understand their inner workings a bit better and lead healthier lives.

13. A rocking chair that gives you flexibility

Rocking chairs are already fun, so why wouldn’t you want this? Its special shape allows users to sit in 2 different positions on it. The chair’s makers say this unusual form of the chair can help to naturally straighten one’s back, aid with concentration problems, and help one focus more on important things while working.

14. A sheet pan to bake multiple foods at once

This product helps us save time while cooking. You can combine different modular dividers for better portion control and ingredient separation. In addition, the parts are very easy to clean, making the whole process less tiring and time-consuming.

15. A flexible phone holder

The device is as simple as it looks. Just attach the special mount to a table, bed, or any other place you like. Unscrew the wire to the desired length and that’s it — the device is ready to use. All that’s left to do is insert your phone and enjoy watching videos, hands-free.

Which of these new things would you like to have?

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Oh my, if this gadget for menstrual cramps actually works, then I would want to have that ?
I am dying out of cramps during my period... I will look this device up, I've never heard of it :/

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