15 Life Hacks That Truly Outsmart Our Daily Lives

Some people prove there’s always a way to put forth less effort and easily get out of doing mundane tasks. They make full use of the stuff they have at hand and manage to gain more time in a day, which is not even 24 hours long. We can’t help but wonder where they get the inspiration to make things simpler than they should be.

Bright Side is showing that there are a thousand ways to simplify your life, you just have to look carefully.

1. This travel pillow helps you lay down with headphones and sleep with newly pierced ears.

2. “Dry on low to not prematurely deteriorate your shoe’s adhesive, and this will get them nice and dry in a single cycle!”

3. Literally a mind-blowing idea!

4. “This is how I let my toast cool so one side doesn’t get soggy.”

5. “Keep a $20 in your phone case for emergencies or exceptional customer service.”

6. “Needed more desk space for a drawing pad. I opened the side table drawer and am using that huge cutting board I never use.”

7. “Use ’empty’ peanut butter jars to make overnight oats in. It also works with salad dressing in mayonnaise jars.”

8. How to silence the kitchen smoke alarm when you’re not tall:

9. Have a slat bed that creaks and squeaks? Slide cotton swabs under the slats where it meets the frame.

10. A Kinder surprise spoon, just so you know...

11. Make “salad crispies” with all the leftover chip crumbles inevitably accumulated.

12. “I had no sifter when making banana bread, so I used the flat cheese grater.”

13. Grate some toast for easy breadcrumbs!

14. When you lose power, you can use empty milk/water jugs to dramatically improve the light output from a flashlight.

15. Zipper always falling down? Use a key ring to keep it up!

What life hacks are your favorite? Which ones don’t work at all?


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