16 Pets That Dote on Their Humans

year ago

Time flies and manners change, but only one thing stays the same — the love and devotion of our beloved fluffy friends. The look in their eyes says it all, and it’s next to impossible to not fall for those cute muzzles.

1. “This is what I come home to every day.”

2. “My sister is a vet tech and took my dog with her to work, I asked her how he was doing and she sent me this.”

3. “My husband and I were sitting on the floor talking when...”

4. “My mom’s cat stares at her like this until she pets him.”

5. “Paz was way too content just floating around with me.”

6. “I took this picture of my bf and my cat today, we haven’t stopped laughing since.”

7. “How my dog looked at me when I said her name.”

8. “My sister’s cat is obsessed with whatever she’s doing, all the time!”

9. “My brother’s mastiff weighs 170 lbs and is all about the puppy piling. Always needs to be smushing someone.”

10. “Trying to be productive at home be like.”

11. “This is Pixar, she seems to know when I’m down and does something silly to make me laugh.”

12. “She needs to hold my hand when I poop.”

13. “The sad face he gives me when he can’t sit in my lap while I drive.”

14. “Dog has her own bed. Woke up to see we were sharing a pillow.”

15. “My coworker’s dog when he realized it’s his cake”

16. “We just adopted Bella, and she really likes my fiancée.”

What similar things do your pets do? How did you find your cat/dog? Share your story with us.

Preview photo credit bioticg*55 / Reddit


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