15 Mistakes That Can Add 10 Pounds to Your Look

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3 years ago

Little things can spoil your look. Even basic clothes can add some extra weight if you forget about the details. For example, wearing a belt in the wrong width or a skirt that is longer than your coat. But after just a couple of special touches, your image will shine.

We at Bright Side always try to improve ourselves and would like to show you a few tips that can help you avoid making some mistakes when it comes to your look.

1. Picking a shirt without buttons

It seems like a basic shirt shouldn’t be able to ruin your look, but that’s not quite right. If you want to hide the pounds, it is better to choose a shirt with buttons. Wear it unbuttoned and put a T-shirt underneath it. This will elongate your figure.

2. Wearing a loose sweater with a skirt

A loose sweater can hide your waistline and make your lower body shorter. Use a belt, like shown in the picture, to lift the sweater and elongate your figure.

3. Pulling down your top to hide your belly

Do not pull your shirt down too much as this can divide your figure into 2 disproportionate pieces. This is especially true when the colors of the bottom and the top are contrasting. Tuck the shirt into the skirt and put an unbuttoned sweater or jacket on top.

4. Not showing your thinner parts: wrists, waist, or neck

When we feel extra weight on ourselves, we want to wrap ourselves up in clothes so no one will notice us. But we have to remember to expose our wrists, waistline, neck, or ankles. These are the parts that make us look thin and feminine.

5. Using button-down skinny jersey sweaters

Many of us have these thin sweaters with buttons made of knitwear in our wardrobe. You have to be careful here. If you have volume in the waist and shoulders, then these sweaters will not make you look slimmer, but, on the contrary, can add pounds. It is better to choose a knit sweater with a slightly looser cut.

6. Being afraid of monochromatic looks

We often avoid monochromatic looks because they may seem boring and simple, but this is not true. A contrasting bottom can only widen your look. You can see a good example in the above pictures. If you chose a skirt, then tuck your top into it so you don’t shift the level of your waist.

7. Wearing shorts that are too short

Shorts that are too short will not make you slimmer, as much as you would like them to. Very often they only reveal flaws. If you choose a tracksuit, then it is better to give preference to slightly loose cuts. If you still insist on shorts, then let them be elongated and not tight.

Also, avoid small and childish patterns on your clothes that can draw too much attention to your belly.

8. Wearing a belt that is too thin and bright

Of course, we can wear light-colored belts, but only with suitable clothing. If your coat is darker than your belt, then it might visually make your waist appear larger.
Also, do not use thin belts with outwear. A wide belt will show off your figure better.

9. Picking short and tight clothes all the time

It may seem that the more we show our legs, the longer they are. And the longer they are, the slimmer you are. But this is not always the case. A short skirt can severely cut the line of your legs, especially if it is black. It’s better to choose a pencil skirt that perfectly emphasizes your femininity.

10. Wearing a skirt or a dress that is longer than your coat

Do not wear a raincoat or a coat that is shorter than your skirt, especially if it is in a contrasting color. When we do this, additional lines appear, which visually cut the figure and make it thicker.

11. Picking the wrong skirt length

Don’t forget about the length of your skirt or dress. Above the knee length can often add pounds. Everything, of course, is individual and depends on your body type, but around 10 cm below the knee suits many of us.

A-line skirts that are too long can also spoil your look and hide thin ankles.

12. Forgetting about vertical lines

The longer the vertical line, the slimmer you look. Leave your jacket open and choose the right length. There should not be too many horizontal stripes around the abdominal part.

13. Wearing dresses that are too tight

The belly is not going anywhere, even if you put on a tight dress, especially in a light color. Don’t be afraid to wear loose-bottomed dresses, but show your waistline. Even a white dress won’t make you look thicker if everything is balanced. The hourglass shape can save you.

14. Using too many oversize and big things at once

When everything is oversized and long it can make you look bigger. Pay attention to your accessories. Sometimes it’s better to pick a small bag and to not add extra volume to the top of your body. And again. Show your wrists.

15. Prioritizing skinny jeans

Skinny jeans can play tricks on us, especially if we have thick calves. Choose slightly loose jeans than show your ankles. Don’t pick contrasting shoes because they will cut your legs visually.

What stylish secrets do you have that help you to look slimmer? What’s the biggest problem for you when you buy clothes?


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I love monochromatic loos. Nothing adds more elegance 🥰


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