15 People Who Achieved Their Ideal Body Through Tons of Hard Work

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Whether it’s for health reasons or aesthetic purposes, some people embark on a weight loss journey. A lot of willpower and determination are needed to successfully reach your goal, given the physical and mental challenges you have to overcome. However, a few folks prove that nothing can keep them from being their best selves.

Bright Side is introducing you to inspiring people who have mastered the art of never giving up.

1. “I lost 115 lb. I feel fantastic.”

2. “After a year and a half of eating healthy and working out, I’m finally happy with my body.”

3. “65 lb lost in 18 months. Still 6 lb to go until my ultimate goal, but I’m feeling pretty great where I’m at.”

4. “I lost 130.5 lb. The best thing I’ve ever done is lose weight. It’s been life-changing in so many ways.”

5. “I went from 41% body fat to 28%.”

6. “I’m feeling better and healthier every day.”

7. “A 223-pound loss — I was fooling around and taking pictures and was shocked by how good I look.”

8. “I ditched processed food and excessive sugar. I still can’t believe this is me now.”

9. “From an XXL that still fit a little snug to my first size small.”

10. “Decided to make a change.”

11. “My old shorts showing the 128 lb I’ve lost in 16 months”

12. “Celebrating a little over a year since changing my life”

13. “I’ve lost 130 lb since starting last September.”

14. “Started with replacing things with slightly healthier options. Salmon and chicken instead of steak, for example.”

15. “Started off walking and lifting light weights. I’ve lost 158 lb so far.”

What’s the latest challenge you were able to overcome? Motivate everyone in the comments with your own tales of success!

Preview photo credit jonny_D_N / Reddit


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