15 People Who Are the Geniuses of Extraordinary Solutions

2 years ago

People’s creativity has no borders when it comes to inventive solutions. Your dusty old umbrella can be the perfect solution for carrying tens of shopping bags in one go and if you’re having a hard time making friends, someone’s little sister has the perfect strategy for you. And in case you want to know how an art student keeps burglar squirrels at bay, just keep scrolling for some good old laughs.

Bright Side wants to showcase people’s out-of-the-box thinking and we hope they’ll inspire you the next time when you need a quick fix.

1. “My GF’s workplace had an issue with squirrels breaking into the human-sized vending machines. A clever art student made a solution.”

There’s a warning on the mini-vending machine, reading “May Contain Nuts”.

2. “My ring didn’t fit anymore, so I made a necklace with 4 knots for my 4 kids.”

“First time removing wedding band after 19 years, I turned it into a necklace with a knot for each child (4) I have had since my wife placed this ring on my finger.”

3. “My patient’s creative solution to keep his crutches clean outside.”

4. “Never throw away garment hangers from the store. They have multiple uses around the home. Including a nice bag clip.”

5. “Old sheets and fabric scraps that I turned into a remote holder — no more digging through the sheets for our lost remote!”

6. “My town’s public library has a clever blizzard solution.”

7. “Started staining the deck and needed to keep the dog off the deck boards. Found a fix.”

8. “All the bowls were dirty but I found a classy solution for my cereal.”

9. “My little sister has the solution to those forever alone.”

10. “My local burger joint’s solution for customers who order from the cook.”

11. “I found a non-violent way to solve the toilet paper debate in my house.”

12. “They are missing their front teeth at the same time so I had an idea for Halloween: Top ’Gums’!”

13. “My neighbor started a ’Dog-Stick’ Library.”

14. “A supermarket’s quick fix to the lonely banana problem.”

15. “Found out what the curve on the umbrella is for.”

In your opinion, what’s the easiest way to make a new friend? Do you hang your toilet paper over or under, and why? Share it with us in the comments!


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