15+ People Who Found Something So Awesome, It Would’ve Been a Crime to Not Take It Home

3 years ago

The odds of finding a random brooch that matches your tattoo are super-slim, yet one user still managed to win this treasure hunting lottery. There are even more catchy things radiating that wow-effect, which makes us immediately say to ourselves, “Oh, this gem was meant to be mine!”

We at Bright Side couldn’t help but give an envious shout when we saw these amazing things that people found — without spending an arm and a leg. We’d love for you to take a look at them too.

1. “Found a matching brooch for my tattoo.”

2. “Gorgeous pink glass goblets — set of 4 for $8”

3. “Found this beautiful Alphonse Mucha mirror for less than $10.”

4. “I’ve had my sassy green teapot for years, just found his baby yesterday!”

5. “A gorgeous 1940s’ jewelry box I found yesterday!”

6. “Scored this Shrek TV with remote for $40 this morning.”

7. “Scored this beautiful wooden bowl today for $5.”

8. “A set of 7 flamingo shaped wine glasses I got”

9. “Because everyone needs a set of chili pepper pug shakers.”

10. “Been looking for a waffle maker for a while, found this one for $6. It makes cute penguins.”

11. “I found the perfect chair for my balcony.”

12. “Found my holy grail white whale today. Duck measuring cups!”

13. “No it’s not a cactus. I bought this lamp for €5.”

14. A shell with a pearl inside that glows at night

15. “I found this cup tree a few years ago for $8!”

16. “A globe that turns into a glowing light at night, for only $16”

What was the thing that you recently found that looked so cool, it could make other people green with envy?

Preview photo credit Rebecca Matzen / Facebook


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