15+ People Who Inspired Us to Celebrate All Kinds of Wins

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There is always a challenging story behind every comfortable and happy person. Whether we talk about weight loss or defeating cancer, we can imagine what a tough journey it must have been. But our heroes prove that once you decide to start the journey you desire, everything gets easier and the change cannot go unnoticed.

1. “It’s been a journey, but this time I refuse to quit on myself! I feel so much better already.”

2. “My genuine laughter was caught on camera after struggling with mental health for years.”

3. “Can’t stop smiling at this before/after pic I just made!”

4. “I finally got to meet my first child in person.”

5. “After one year of depression and struggling after I got rejected from art school, I finally succeeded today!”

6. “My friend Brad just had his last training session today. This Sunday he will be running the last 2.5 km of a marathon.”

7. “The biggest changes are invisible. My mental health has transformed in ways bigger and more impactful than my body shape.”

“I love myself a whole lot more.”

8. “Here’s my happy wife. Married 26 years today and has gone from dancer to person with disabilities.”

“She is still the happiest, most positive person I know.”

9. “My grandma (77 years old) and Pudding — she really loves cats and was so happy that we adopted him!”

10. Cancer-free!

11. “I adopted Wally in April. He didn’t trust me because he had been treated badly in the past by people that look like me.”

“Today he graduated from obedience school. Being a single, unemployed dad, this makes it all worth it!!”

12. “After battling severe depression, this little guy gives me purpose every day!”

13. “My mom is finally home from the hospital after surgery! One step closer to her being cancer-free!”

14. “I got to see my baby for the first time today. Such a strong heartbeat, I’m so excited!”

15. “My boy finally made it to Fenway! One of the best moments of my life, and one I didn’t know if I’d get to see!”

16. “A girl in a wheelchair being lifted to see the front stage at the Escapade music festival in Ottawa”

Tell us about the hardest thing you’ve recently gone through. How are you feeling now?

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