15 People Who Just Wanted to Do Their Laundry, but Luck Wasn’t on Their Side

3 years ago

There are days when luck, unfortunately, is not on our side. It’s as if it decided to disappear at the least convenient moment. But imagine how awful it must be to have it missing when washing your clothes. If it’s already tedious to deal with laundry days, being unlucky makes the task even more difficult and... entertaining, if you have a sense of humor.

Bright Side knows that we all have good days and bad days, and that laundry days are no exception, so we collected photos of users who, despite their bad luck, knew how to have fun. At the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus that proves that, when you’re unlucky, there’s no way around it. Nobody can be spared!

1. “My wool sweater shrunk in the wash.”

2. “I really liked this sweater.”

3. This is what happens when you wash a memory foam pillow in the washer.

4. “Did the first load of laundry of the decade today! 2 rolls of toilet paper fell off the top of the fridge and into the washing machine without me noticing”

5. “Our clothes are clean... but she lost her iPhone”

6. “Washing machine shook the detergent until it fell off...”

7. “My stepdaughter’s unicorn toy was kind of dirty so I thought I’d be nice and wash it.”

8. Something’s not right.

9. “My girlfriend washed my 100% merino wool sweater.”

10. Luck is not on his side.

11. “My dog threw up on the bed so my fiancé asked me to switch the laundry when I got home. This is what I found.”

12. “Someone put their laundry detergent in my washer when my clothes were almost done. I had to wash my blankets 2 times afterward this to get their detergent out.”

13. “It won’t let me get my laundry out.”

14. “Guess the laundry’s done...”

15. Someone forgot their laundry.

Bonus: “Finally did laundry and hung up all of my clothes.”

Have you ever had an unlucky day similar to these people? Not just a bad laundry day, but any unlucky day. Share your stories with us in the comment section!

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Number 10 made me feel anxious just by looking at that mess


I've never had these kinds of problems when doing laundry...


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