15 People Who Look Just Like Famous Celebrities

3 years ago

There’s a one in a trillion chance of finding someone who looks exactly like you. Not only have these extremely lucky people found their dopplegängers, but their twins also happen to be world-famous celebrities. These people get stopped by fans who mistake them for popular stars. And some of these look-a-likes have even used the opportunity to impersonate these celebs and pay tribute to them.

Bright Side has picked 15 such people who share a strong resemblance with Hollywood stars. Can you see the difference between the original and the doppelgänger?

1. Ian and Jason Momoa

2. Jey Gaga and Lady Gaga

3. Dilâra Toprakci and Bella Hadid

4. This Redditor’s mom and Princess Diana

5. Will Smith’s doppelgänger and Will Smith

6. Jasmine Chiswell and Marilyn Monroe

7. Steffen Anton and Neil Patrick Harris

8. Black Gaunt and Blake Lively

9. This dad and Mark Hamill

10. This boy and Timothée Chalamet

11. Chelsea and Mila Kunis

12. Jason Kent and Daniel Craig

13. Christine Primrose Mathis and Meghan Markle

14. Bernie Sanders’ doppelgänger and Bernie Sanders

15. This Redditor’s dad and Jimmy Fallon

Have you ever met someone who looks like a celebrity? Which celebrity do you think you resemble the most?


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The only thing number 2 has in common is the name and hair color.. they really don't look a like.. ?


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