15+ People Who Probably Scored 1000% in Design Class

3 years ago

If you look closely, you’ll find that you are surrounded by genius design. These masterpieces not only include buildings, but even the objects that we use on a daily basis, like a dustpan that looks like a violin or a nail polish bottle that has a color swatch so you can check and see how the color looks on you.

We at Bright Side love this kind of creativity and innovation and have highlighted the best bits of design from all over the world to amuse you to the core. Take a look!

1. This nail polish bottle has a swatch of the color attached to the bottle so you can see how the color will look on you.

2. Book benches in Bulgaria are putting the ’lit’ in literature.

3. An Itsukushima Shinto Shrine appears on the dish when soy sauce is poured on it.

4. My empanada is stamped with what meat is inside of it.

5. “You can ‘light’ and ‘extinguish’ the flames on the menorah.”

6. “Safety glasses” for an optometry office

7. This carpet design looks like a wormhole leading to Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory.

8. IK Lab, in Tulum, Mexico, is a must-add to all travel bucket lists.

9. This is a Space Exploration monument in Moscow. It’s 100 m tall.

10. This staircase has a ramp for bicycles for easy climbing.

11. This cover for the Silicon Valley DVD is pure genius.

12. This pair of bird scissors is a masterpiece.

13. This rainbow wall design is a feast for the eyes.

14. A geometric dog bed that is equal parts genius and comfortable

15. A creative WET FLOOR sign found at Rare, the creators of the Donkey Kong Country series

16. Winter wonderland in an elevator

17. I made a coffee table for my Lego Millennium Falcon.

18. This side table was designed specifically for these books.

19. My dustpan brush is a violin.

Have you ever seen marvelous designs like these? Share with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Pastel_Bishop / reddit


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I am a biker and I usually rent a bike everywhere I travel. Last year I went to Greece and for my surprise most of the metro stations have those ramps built :)))


I'm Greek and yes, bikes are allowed in the metro (last wagon) and also most (I guess all of them actually) metro stations have those special ramps for ascending and descending your bike easily ;)


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