15 People Who Probably Still Wake Up in the Middle of the Night Remembering Their Childhood Photos

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Childhood is the best time of our life — it’s fun, and the days are carefree and full of experiments. Teenage years are even more hilarious (in hindsight, of course) and even cringy. Yet, all these awkward moments and photos make great stories so fun to tell your friends and the whole world. These 15 people couldn’t stand their childhood photos, but now they can’t help but laugh at them.

1. “Please enjoy my old Myspace profile picture. No filter.”

2. “My friend was 12 going on 45.”

3. “2004. Trying to take a Myspace photo while no one was at home.”

4. “My best friend and I were in middle school at the height of Twilight fame. I don’t even have words.”

5. “I learned my lesson about taking a razor to my eyebrows. Big oof.”

6. “6th grade was a rough year.”

7. “When I met my childhood crush, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, my face was painted like a clown.”

8. “My graduation outfit was a polyester kimono I spent all my travel money at Disney World.”

9. “14-year-old me Photoshopping out my dad for Britney Spears. This is just so toxic.”

10. “This was me at 16... I’m a dude.”

11. “Looking like a 60-year-old librarian with my cardigan, turtleneck, and thick glasses. Date and age unknown.”

12. “My family dubbed me ’fivehead.’”

13. “Right before a brutal transfer from homeschool to public school circa 2007.”

14. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

15. “Why yes!! My vest was homemade! PM me for orders!!!”

What’s your “best” childhood photo? How photogenic are you?

Preview photo credit ksouers / Reddit


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