15 People Who Struck Gold While Shopping Second-Hand

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Going to a regular store to purchase something has long stopped being the norm for some people. In fact, in online communities, such as Reddit’s r/ThriftStoreHauls, Internet users showcase how fantastic shopping for second-hand items can be. From vintage designer clothing to peculiar products like wingsuits, these folks are able to buy real gems for low prices.

Bright Side collected a few pics that prove treasure hunting isn’t just for Indiana Jones. Anyone who thrift shops can find fantastic pieces on their own.

1. “I found a pair of antipaparazzi pants at the thrift store.”

2. “A wingsuit I found at a thrift shop”

3. “The Olympic jacket I got at a thrift store had the original owner’s I.D badge inside one of the pockets.”

4. “My roommate found an original (third release) Star Wars VHS today at a thrift store.”

5. “An espresso machine made in Italy for $10 — it works great.”

6. “I found at local Goodwill an exact copy of the sweater my mom has owned for at least a couple of decades.”

7. “I thought this was just a bangle at first. It cost $5.”

8. “This globe-wernicke metal barrister case was a whopping $50. They retail for hundreds to thousands of dollars.”

9. “A Loewe ’puzzle’ bag in pristine condition for $20 at Goodwill — it usually retails at $2,590.”

10. “My fiancee proposed by drawing a ring on my finger. We found the ring he drew in a random thrift shop 7 months later.”

11. “3 designer blazers on the same trip to Goodwill, under $15 for all 3”

12. “Found this limited edition Taz Polaroid camera at the thrift shop today!”

13. “Found the same pair of Docs that I was already wearing at a garage sale for $1.00.”

14. “I thrifted a vintage gown that resembles the lamé dress Marilyn Monroe wore. I did not nail the pose, I know.”

15. “I found this film photo in a Seattle antique store. It features Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon.”

What was the last item you purchased in a second-hand store? What’s the greatest bargain you’ve ever gotten a hold of? Let us see your own gems!

Preview photo credit penededios / Reddit


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