15 People Who Underwent Huge Transformations in the Span of a Few Years

11 months ago

Losing a few extra pounds, getting back in shape, or finding your style can be a huge confidence boost, but having a mental and emotional glow-up is also important. These people have managed to deal with their insecurities to feel more comfortable in their bodies and minds finally.

1. “Age 25 to 28 — I’ve been told I’ve had a glow-up!”

2. “16 to 22, a late bloomer”

3. “The main difference is the improvement in my mental health.”

4. “17-22 — lots of work, but definitely worth it!”

5. “Roughly around 7 months apart”

6. “18-22 — lost some weight and gained the self-confidence I so badly needed.”

7. “26-27, so much has changed, and people don’t recognize me anymore.”

8. “19-26”

9. “17-21, it’s safe to say my life changed massively...”

10. “22 and 140 lb vs. 26 and 200 lb.”

11. “32 vs. 39 — I look different because I feel better about myself.”

12. “19 to 23, lost some weight, cleared the skin up a little, and changed glasses.”

13. “2018 vs. last week!”

14. “17 vs. now (21)! Guys, keep your head up!”

15. “20-21, I beat cancer, lost the eyepatch, and dyed my hair. I think that’s pretty cool.”

Did you go through any significant changes in the past 2 years? Were they emotional or physical (or both)? Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comment section below!

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