15 People Whose Bodies Have Something as Rare as a Rain in the Sahara

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Just like snowflakes, there’re no two people who are exactly alike, and even identical twins may differ, according to scientists. The heroes of our today’s article are just ordinary people, but they do have something extraordinary on their bodies that makes them look and feel a bit special. They prove that every person is a nature’s masterpiece, and proudly show off their unique features.

At Bright Side, we believe these people accepted and loved their differences and turned them into advantages. As a bonus, you’ll see a famous model who has a feature so rare that her agent has to explain to people she’s not an alien.

1. “I’m a tall, thin guy but have got cartoonishly short, wide feet. It’s not so easy to find wide kids’ shoes.”

2. “I have a dot in my eye that is sorta heart-shaped.”

3. “I was born without a bridge in my nose.”

4. “This kid in my calculus class has a weird amount of control in his hands.”

5. “I have floppy cartilage in one of my ears, and can flip the cartilage inside out. My great grandma could do the same thing.”

6. “How my vitiligo looks in the sun”

7. “My birthmark+heterochromia”

8. “I was born with one normal thumb and one toe thumb.”

9. “I wonder how a piercing will look on my weird ear shape.”

10. “My left iris is brown, and my right one is green.”

11. “Tried to take out my contact lenses, and didn’t realize I wasn’t wearing any contact lenses. Ended up with one big eye for a couple weeks.”

12. “My wife just gave birth to our firstborn, and me and my son both have the same weird genetic abnormality where we have an extra-large space between our first and second toes.”

13. “This is my sister’s eye. She has a condition called ‘coloboma’.”

14. “My cousin’s son had a full set of hair. The top fell out.”

15. “My sectoral heterochromia for spooky day”

Bonus: A famous model Karolina Kurkova doesn’t have a belly button.

Victoria’s Secret famous model Karolina Kurkova has an almost non-existent belly button that steals all people’s attention when she appears in a swimsuit. She’s never spoken publicly about how she came to have no belly button, but her agent convinces people that “she’s not an alien”.

Do you or someone you know have any peculiar features? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit karolinakurkova / Instagram


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