15 People Whose Days Came With Unexpected Plot Twists

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A 2015 study has found that there’s a one in a trillion chance that there’s someone out there who looks exactly like you. And finding your doppelgänger can happen in the most unexpected places, like while swimming in a pool, for example. Despite such occurrences being highly unlikely, sometimes the universe decides to amaze us with an exciting plot twist.

We at Bright Side gathered 15 pics that prove life is full of surprises and interesting coincidences.

1. “The view from the balcony of my old apartment before a storm hit Singapore, November 6, 2020.”

2. “If you didn’t know, in Nantes, France, there’s a walking elephant made out of wood.”

3. “A parrot on a guy’s shoulder while riding a motorcycle”

4. “This Forrest Gump picture on this rear windshield that waves when the rear windshield wiper is turned on”

5. “A friend visiting from overseas and a bartender in town have the same tattoo.”

6. “I just found a penny from 1909 at the bottom of my purse.”

7. “I found a Smurf house while biking today.”

8. “My default router password described my rare birthmark.”

9. “A nice orange sunset over the Andes in Santiago, Chile”

10. “I found my sister’s doppelgänger at the Coldplay concert in Gothenburg.”

11. “My sister, another sister, and parents accidentally bought me the same birthday card.”

12. “My girlfriend and I both took pictures from the same angle at the same show... 3 years before we met each other.”

13. “I found a triple banana.”

14. “My daughter got a book in the discarded book pile at her high school that my wife and my wife’s mom also checked out in high school.”

15. “I wasn’t convinced until now. We are definitely in a simulation. Today, I randomly swam past my doppelgänger at the Flamingo pool in Vegas.”

What’s the weirdest coincidence you’ve ever witnessed? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Seandouglasmcardle / Reddit


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