15 People Whose Lives Were Changed by Taking Good Care of Their Teeth

7 months ago

Smiles have always been a universal language, and the journey to a confident grin is a story that never gets old. From traditional braces to modern orthodontic marvels, the evolution of teeth transformation continues to captivate. People are ready to share the chronicles of how they’ve magnified their confidence, all starting with a simple smile.

1. “After 2,5 years, they’re out.”

2. “First day / last day / off.”

3. 22 months later.

4. “I’m finally done! My before and after! They shaved my front teeth down a little as well.”

5. “After 3 years of braces, I just got them off today!”

6. “Best money I’ve ever, ever spent.”

7. “I love my new smile.”

8. “13 months after my first post — my braces are now off AND my adult acne has cleared up! Living the dream at 27.”

9. 7 months apart

10. Day 1 and day 391

11. 11 months later and they are off.

12. “Just got them off yesterday after 2 years and I am feeling CONFIDENT in my smile for the first time!”

13. “Braces + Jaw Surgery | No extractions.”

14. “Totally worth all the pain, time, and money.”

15. “Here is the final look.”

Before you leave, take a moment to read the article about 16 people who went through incredible transformations. Their inspiring stories might motivate you to take that first step on your fantastic journey.

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