15 People Whose Luck Decided to Leave Their Side for a Moment

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Having a bad day is something that every single one of us knows a lot about. So much so that the topic is featured in songs, like the 2000s catchy tune “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter. Thus, it’s no surprise that the internet is full of examples of just how unlucky one can be in certain moments.

Bright Side put together a few situations that left people sighing and wondering why that had to happen to them.

1. “I had the groomer try a new clip on my dog.”

2. “I was late to work due to an unscheduled parade.”

3. “My blinds melted in the sun.”

4. “My friend just sent me this pic from the cinema.”

5. “Heard a loud bang come from my living room.”

6. “Good. Now, I get to learn how garages work.”

7. “A bug got stuck to my freshly painted nails.”

8. “Asked my aunt to take my pic to look like I was holding up the world. She said it was perfect. I didn’t check until I got home.”

9. “The tattoo artist gave my spider 9 legs.”

10. “Forgot my headphones on the ground while the Roomba was running.”

11. “My buddy lives next door to a car dealership and forgot his parking brake.”

12. “There was a piece of sand on my glasses’ cleaning cloth.”

13. “Spilled bleach on my new black pants.”

14. “A pipe broke upstairs.”

15. “My little brother was trying to move today.”

How do you usually deal with mishaps? Let’s learn from each other how to stay positive in these scenarios!

Preview photo credit MeetFried / Reddit


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