20 People Whose Peculiar Taste Defies Space and Time

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What we wear, what we like, and what we gift speak volumes about who we are. Moreover, it would be boring if we all had the same taste. Our quirks and opinions on different topics make us all unique and give us our own individual style. We believe that beauty lies in diversity, so let’s celebrate our differences by highlighting some people with really cool, unmatched taste.

1.“My mom got Uranium glass for her birthday.”

2. “My friend made a charcuterie board for a Christmas event.”

3. “My son and daughter-in-law got me a smart watch for my birthday. It’s so freakin’ cool!”

4. “This debit card is made of wood.”

5. “How my toddler lines up toys in the bath.”

6. “My girlfriend gifted me this heart-shaped potato 8 months ago, here is how it’s going.”

7. “A customer ordered a gift basket containing a rotisserie chicken.”

8. “My dad just gifted me a new floppy disk drive.”

9. “I got gifted coffee-scented chain lube.”

10. “My mom got my dad this ’spatula holding crab’ and since then it has exclusively held peppers.”

11. “This enormous Easter bunny my mom bought for me as a surprise gift. (2-liter bottle of Pepsi Max for comparison)”

12. “A dinosaur tooth I bought as a Christmas gift.”

13. “A car I bought a few days ago still has Sears Tires from 1984.”

14. “A gift given to me because I unicycle. His little legs go up and down as you cut.”

15. “A gift bag my mom has been reusing for 39 years.”

16. “Loving this car’s decoration!”

17. “I’m maybe a bit obsessed with my pup.”

18. “I made my cat a work-from-home setup.”

19. “Tiger the cat wearing a hat made from his own fur.”

20. “Beckley Art Center in WV crocheted a tree.”

Who do you think has the most unique taste?

Preview photo credit pbmax542 / Reddit


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