15 People With an Impeccable Sense of Humor Who Turn Everything Into Comedy

year ago

There are 2 kinds of people — one kind feels like their world is falling apart over a small inconvenience and the other kind turns that inconvenience into something they can laugh about. The people in the second group prove that laughter is the cure for any mishap, and to back up this fact, we want to share these 15 pictures.

1. “Restaurant asked if we were celebrating anything special.”

2. “My coworker’s motivational strip on his computer.”

3. “The wedded bliss on dad’s face”

4. “Only Gold and Swedish fish are acceptable in the workplace.”

5. “Our dog kinda looks like Harry.”

6. “Got here just in time! Nearly got locked in!”

7. “Celebrating Christmas with my wife’s family when suddenly...”

8. “This is why I am single.”

9. “Discount joker”

10. “During the bathroom remodel, we placed this skeleton in the wall for future owners to find.”

11. “I think I need to find a new barber.”

12. “Experts recommend keeping your daily rituals even while working from home.”

13. “And this is why you check the size of the rice cooker before hitting the buy button (banana for scale.)”

14. “I knew exactly which house he meant.”

15. “My 4-year-old is clearly a master of hide and seek.”

Are you the kind of person that finds humor in everything?


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