15+ Photos That Prove Living With Cats Is an Adventure of Love and Fun

3 years ago

Kittens have the incredible ability to make us fall in love with their attitude, loving gestures, and spongy bellies. They are animals that, at times, can be very independent but suddenly become the most loving and demanding of pets. No matter what they do, they always bring a smile to our faces, even when they misbehave.

At Bright Side, we love cats and never get tired of collecting the funniest pictures of these adorable whiskered beings. That’s why we’ve prepared this list of images that serve as proof that living with kittens is an adventure filled with love and fun.

1. “When you find the perfect pillow”

2. “This is Archer accepting his new life.”

3. “I think our landlord finally turned the heat on...”

4. “Talk to the paw because this cat ain’t listening.”

5. “I’m a ’purrito’ now.”

6. “Please send help.”

7. “A glitch in the Matrix”

8. “A scientist makes a cat milkshake for pleasure. The other cat watches in horror.”

9. “This cat is tired of the rat race.”

10. “Sassafras loves car rides.”

11. “The farm life”

12. “Get in the wagon! We’re going for a ride!!”

13. “At least they’re comfy.”

14. “My cat is in bread.”

15. “Mack is SO happy we got her a brother!”

16. “Her first time wearing clothing...”

17. “Yes, I’d like my noodles chilled.”

18. “A mom’s job is never done!”

19. “Blurred liquid cat”

Do you live with kittens? Which of their funny attitudes always brings a smile to your face? Tell us about them in the comments.

Preview photo credit friendlynoodless Reddit


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